the only reason i got up this morning was because i had to go to the bathroom. that's usually the spoiler. if i didn't have to go, i would sleep even more, especially on a sunday morning with no special plans for the day. i was having a really vivid dream too, something about chasing prince and his girlfriend and then eating school cafeteria food. after i used the bathroom, i parked myself on the sofa and watched some sunday morning news, still not quite awake yet. around 10:30am i heard stirrings. apparently andrew, my new roommate, did make it back to the house late last night (i had already gone to sleep by that time). he had to go back up to new hampshire today to move out the rest of his stuff. right around that time julie aimed me unexpectedly, asking if i wanted to go to the may fair in harvard square (i said yes). i made some scrambled eggs with bits of green pepper and basil along with cinammon raisin toast. after andrew and i had our breakfast, he left for new hampshire while i gathered up my gear and rode the bike to julie's place.

our first destination was mahoney's in winchester (julie's first time), to buy some vegetable plants. julie got sweet basils, heirloom tomatoes, lettuces, hot peppers, cilantro, lemon-scented verbena and a 2-gallon water pitcher. we didn't stop to look at the flowers because julie later revealed to me that she was overwhelmed by them. next we went to pemberton farms, where julie bought two bags of potting soil, some liquid fertilizer, and another six-pack of small fruit variety tomatoes. as for me, i got some packets of burpee seeds, sweet basil, cilantro, and ornamental pepper ("fiesta" variety). i like to grow my plants from seeds, gives me a greater sense of accomplishment. true, it takes longer, i'll have to wait a few weeks before the first sprouts will appear, but if successful, it will be well worth the effort, earning extra gardening points.

we returned to julie's place, where i helped her pot her plants on her 2nd story deck. the last time i helped a girl pot her plants was about a year ago with laurie (020414). julie had an assortment of clay containers from her previous years of gardening, this being her 3rd season. i helped fill the pots with dirt, then i watered the plant with the seemingly defective new pitcher (water dribbles out of it).

we then biked down to harvard square for the may fair. along the way, we ran into shannon, on her way to a hot date. i was actually at the may fair last year (020505), just remembered there were a lot of vendors selling crafts and food. not much has changed, except this year seems to be even more crowded than last year's fair. there were also spots of performances, whether it be street musicians, dancing troupes, or magicians. there were a lot of pakistanis there for some reason, and julie told me that outdoor fairs are a big thing for them. we got indian food, both getting chicken tika marsala, eating it by the grassy square at the intersection of JFK and mt.auburn street. afterwards, julie surprised a man using a portapotty who didn't bother locking the door, and then we got some kettle popcorn, my first time tasting authentic kettle popcorn (now i may never go back to regular popcorn).

nectar ball

donating hair

julie eating
my marsala

j.lo hat


kid rock

john cusack,
say anything

say anything
(tae kwon do)

coop alley

we left close to 5pm, riding back to my place, cutting across part of the harvard university campus, biking underneath the big empty circus tent that i assume will be part of their graduation ceremony sometime very soon. stowing the bikes along the side of the house, i saw several bags of yard debris, which confused me as whether they were from my upstair neighbor steve or did somebody dump their trash by my house. i showed julie the new used coffee table, which she agreed looked very similar to the coffee table at her place. knowing that she's a gardener herself (although a vegetable gardener), i showed her the flowers growing in the backyard, she seemingly impressed by the snake's head fritillarias. that's when i saw a really pretty snail shell about the diameter of a nickel. i know there are snails living in my backyard from the few empty shells i've found, but i've never seen one alive before. i went to go pick it up and before i even checked, i knew it was alive from just its weight. i turned it over and sure enough, i could see the glistening fleshy foot of the gastropod. i looked through all my nature guides and searched online but couldn't find out what kind of snail it was. back in the house, julie was all nuzzled out on the carpet, stretching, while i lounged on the sofa. feeling wiped and getting late, we decided not to go to the mt.auburn cemetery after all, which was our original destination after the may fair. julie then biked back to her home.

i invited joel to come over my place to watch the season finale of alias at 9pm. we ordered wings, which andrew joined in as well when he got back from new hampshire with a carload of his remaining earthly possessions. andrew told me he had actually been back earlier (putting some stuff into the basement), that this was his second trip back from new hampshire. he also said he met steve, which would explain the bags of yard debris outside and what looks to be fertilizer grains in the garden. joel came by at 8pm, i introduced andrew to him, they helped me finish the rest of the coronas in the fridge, and we ate our wings. julie called me around that time to let me know that she went back to mahoney's and was able to exchange her water pitcher with a non-defective one. after wings, it was time for the two-hour episode of alias. i had a bowl of strawberries for dessert.

major spoiler alert please do not read any further! sydney bristow has been missing for the past two years with no memory of what's happened since the night she killed the evil francie clone and her boyfriend agent michael vaughn is now married?! that's a great plot twist. that whole vaughn-bristow love story was starting to get boring. nobody wants to see a happy couple! but now i totally want them to get back together again, only because vaughn is married, so they can't! how come her father jack wasn't the one who came to talk to sydney and explain to her what's happened? could jack have turned, joined up with sloane? we can be pretty sure that sloane is responsible for sydney's two years absence. maybe he was using her as a mindless assassin forced to do his bidding? and even if she comes back to the CIA, can anyone really trust her? she might've been programmed to go off like a human timebomb, somebody says a secret word and she's on kill mode. and what's with that scar on her stomach? mysterious! what about the fate of will? or sarks? or marshall and his analyst girlfriend? did dixon ever get over the grief of his wife's murder? i think it's absolutely brilliant, fast-forwarding the action two years into the future, there's so much possibilities, the show has been renewed! i'll be the first to admit that i thought it was starting to get a little stale despite only being in its second season. with this season finale, i can't wait until summer is over and the new fall season begins.

joel left after the show, while andrew finished up a load of laundry for his 5 day business trip to vermont starting tomorrow, ironing the clothes he'll be wearing for monday. since he's getting up early to drive up north (before 6am), i won't see him until next friday night. having a roommate seems so far so good, especially when he's only here for the weekends! it'll be more interesting come june, when it'll be full-time for the rest of the summer.