i went with my mother to a few open houses around cambridge today. it wasn't like we were looking to buy, we were just curious, now with a sudden influx of new open houses. there was one really sweet place on fulkerson street near where i used to work, a 550 square feet single bedroom condo (the place used to be a factory, the riveted steel beams in the ceilings attest to this fact) but with in-unit washer/dryer, high ceilings, wooden floors, a roof deck overlooking northern cambridge, and a deeded parking space. what i wouldn't give for a parking space!

back at my place, i opened up a few windows to let in the 60+ degrees air, and hung out in the backyard trying to figure out what some of the new plants are. most of them i won't know until they flower. i ripped off a small piece of bloodroot leaf to see if it indeed bled red like blood, which turned out to true.

i watched again as the celtics beat the pacers in another playoff game. i had the windows opened, i hope the neighbors weren't concerned from all the screaming and swearing coming from my place. it was an exciting game, when i turned on the tv the celtics were down but then they came back to win it. now the celtics are up 3-1, they need another win to advance into the second round of the playoffs.

my family came over for dinner for the third consecutive night. we got takeout from that kentucky fried chicken/taco bell hybrid place on mass ave. i'm weird when it comes to my fried chicken, i prefer them a day old, when they're cold and slightly hard. i'll have something to look forward to tomorrow for lunch.

after my family left, i watched alias, the first new episode in some time. this episode was definitely tinged with shades of x-files and millennium. this rimbaldi manuscript business is just too supernatural for a spy show, and it's turning me off. and where the hell is sloane? trekking up mount everest? no, that'd be tibet, he's in nepal. still, he was dressed more for a simple hike up a hill than braving some serious snow mountain action that even his sherpa guide didn't want to go. and david carradine in a cameo as a monk? i hate david carradine, network executives gave him that kung-fu show only because they were jittery about having bruce lee (read: chinese) as the main character. next week's 2 hour season finale looks cool though, sydney in some latex s&m outfit, hopefully it'll make up for all this crazy apocalypse storyline.

finally, found this great song that i have to share with everyone, mc chris' "fett's vett" (lyrics). in return, tell me if you like the new colors. i reverted all the content text to black (occasionally white), because the colored text was kind of hard to see. and please don't e-mail me about certain items in the topnav not working, i know, they're not finished, please be patient!