i added a few new features to the site today, most of it internal, but the one noticeable addition is the "last comments" box. not sure how that's going to work out, but it's there for now. maybe the ability to set the number of times comments are posted would be cool to have in the near future (right now it's fixed on 10). comments aren't also just for friends, i wholeheartedly welcome strangers to post as well, please don't be scared, it doesn't have to be funny, it's not a talent show. i'm also rearranging things around, please bear with me while the place undergoes some renovations.

food summary
my total food intake for the day consisted of a bowl of raisin bran cereal, 4 hot italian sausages (made a greasy mess of my toaster oven again, i really need a george foreman grille), soup from a can (campbell), a whole bag of cape cod dark russet potato chips, a few crackers, and several glasses of water with a slice of lemon. water is so boring, lemon adds a slight twist to it all, i'm trying to wean myself off of the soda. amy is trying to work off her sugar addiction, i think some of that has rubbed off on me.

waking up at 10am
i've been waking up at 10am. i think that's a decent time to wake up in the mornings, especially for someone like me who likes to stay up late. waking up at noon is just too depressing, by the time i got up, the day's almost over. it really doesn't matter nowadays though, with daylight saving's time in effect, we get a little more sun everyday, but i still like waking up at 10am, makes me feel i'm getting more out of a day. don't expect to see me waking up at 7am anytime soon though. being unemployed can be completely without its perks, can it?

the life of galileo
i watched a two hour pbs documentary on the life of galileo. it was pretty interesting, but a good part of it was about his daughter, who was a nun, and how brilliant she was. i personally think it's romantic revisionist history writing, maybe they need something to fill the 2 hours. i missed the ending though (when galileo fights off space aliens), i feel asleep (i only gor 5 hours worth of sleep last night).

inspired running
i didn't sleep for long though, maybe only 20 minutes, before i got up at 3pm and got dressed for running. it was nearly 50 degrees but i didn't want to feel cold, so i dressed conservatively. once i started running though, it felt a little too warm, but it wasn't too bad. i completely the circuit around the river without stopping, despite feeling like my chest was about to burst from exhaustion. the whole time i was thinking about the marathon this past monday, about how crazy fast those people were going. those were world famous athletes, with an almost supernatural ability to run fast over long distances. just from looking at them you couldn't really see that. sure, they have that really thin marathon runner's body, but a lot people have that same body shape and most of them couldn't run 26 miles that fast. it's just freaky. i'm amazed, i'm scared. i was definitely inspired though, if those runners can do it for 26 miles, certainly i can run a mere 3 miles.

strange lines on my face
while putting on my contacts to go out running, i noticed this white horizontal line on the side of my face near my temple. i looked at it suspiciously in the mirror, figured i must've put my arm there when i was sleeping, temporarily putting a mark on my face. after the run, after the shower, the line was still there. then i realized what it was: i got tanned from the 4 hours i spent out in the sun on monday, and got a tanline from the glasses i was wearing. that's great, now i can look forward to having tanlines on my face for the rest of the summer.

celtics 2-1
i watched the celtics beat the pacers tonight in game 3 of the playoffs. it was a great game, very emotional, the pacers resorted to some dirty tricks (elbows to the chest), but in the end the celtics still won, and won decisively. game 4 is this sunday, if the celtics can win that one, the series will be 3-1 and they'll be in a great position to advance. anything less than going back to the eastern conference final will seem like a letdown, but even i can see that the celtics are slightly understaffed this season. the eastern conference teams are so close in talent though, the celtics definitely have a shot.

switching calling plans, customer service chats
i called up comcast (formerly at&t) to resolve an outstanding telephone bill debt. the amount? 27 cents. it was some sort of lingering bill from when i cancelled my phone service back in february. i've been too lazy to call but i finally did it, late at night so i could use up my weekend and night minutes. after that, i called at&t wireless, about changing my phone plan since my contract was already over. right now i have some sort of legacy regional place that offers me 250 anytime minutes and 1000 weekend and nights for $30/month. the woman i talked to, janet (she had a lovely southern accent), offered me a new deal for $40/month, 700 anytime minutes and limitless weekend and nights but starting at 9pm and ending at 6am (right now my legacy nights are 8pm to 7am). i told her i'd think about it, shop around a little bit, but i think that's a pretty good deal. the only reason why i'd want to change to a different company is that i can then get a brand new cellphone number, something that's in the 617 area code and not the weird 857 i have now. i like talking to these customer service people late at night. i used to do it all the time, whether it'd be to ask about bills or maybe to get some technical support. i love the interaction and it gives me opportunities to practice my communication skills. i like to think that i'm helping them as much as they're helping me. i'm courteous, i'm patient, i try to be funny when i can. it's always a victory for me when i can catch them off guard and tell me a little bit about themselves. where is your office located? oh, is the weather nice down there? yes, this winter we got a lot of snow here in boston. this is the poor man's lonely chat line.