i have to go to bed soon otherwise i won't be able to drive the 4-5 hours down to long island, new york.

the day started quick, straight out of bed at 10am, i drove to the old office to retrieve the dvd's paula and jonathan made for my late last night, the third time i've been down there in a week, having thus far stayed away from the area like it was a radioactive ground zero. back home i went to test the dvd's, and when the client wasn't there when i called for further instructions, i drove out to needham to pick up my suit (a talkative old lady told me, "i like your car"), went to a party favor store to buy a bow, finally did get in touch with the client via cellphone (dangerously on the highway no less), then went to my parents' cafe to pick up lunch and my dry-cleaning. i came back home once more, cleaned up the car, bumped into bruce, met my neighbor doug who was demolishing floors 1 & 2 of his house, then walked down to harvard square in the drizzle to fedex the package along with the source files which i was up to 5am last night assembling. when i finally came home for the third time 4 hours later from when i started out this morning, i was exhausted. by then, the weather took a turn for the worse, propelling the day to a depressing darkness drenched in spring's neverending installment of rain. i finally ate lunch. my sister dropped by in the late afternoon to deliver the ez-pass she was letting me borrow for my trip down south.

renata came by at 6pm right when i was aiming amy. amy was supposed to meet up with us tonight but canceled, taking off some pressure from her overbooked weekend schedule. the plan was to have dinner at my place and then drive down to kendall cinema to catch bend it like beckham. i quickly slipped out to the supermarket to get some groceries while renata checked her e-mail. when i came back, i made thai red curry, my 5th time i think, i've since lost count. it'd been a while, i had to refer to the recipe printout magnetized on my fridge. renata made a bowl of string bean salad with some ingredients she had brought from home. while the curry simmered, renata checked an online dictionary about a "rainbow" dream she had.

we were so stuffed after dinner, we decided to catch the 9:55pm showing of beckham instead of the 9:25pm, to let our food digest a bit. we watched the travel channel's countdown of the world's top 10 smartest animals. that's when we decided to postpone the movie for another time, both of us feeling the effects of after dinner lethargy. the animals were: squirrel, squid, raven, dog, pig, parrot, elephant, monkey, dolphin, ape. i'm sorry, the great ape - the show was totally ape-centric from the start. i think around dolphin renata fell asleep on the couch. when the show was over, she went home after bitterly complaining about how cold it'd be outside. instead of washing the dirty dishes by hand, i used the dishwasher for the second time ever.

the rest of the night i prepared for tomorrow, confirming with dan our departure time, printing out maps from mapquest. funny, for some reason i feel nervous, and i'm not the one getting married. i think it's just pre-road trip jitters. i feel like i'm forgetting something, or i'm just anxious about the long drive.

to bed, wake up in 5 hours, then it's show time. radio silence until sunday.

in the few days since i posted the last search results, i got a few more choice searches worth sharing:
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  • short haircuts for women
  • double decor accident photos
  • Adrien Brody's Family Tree
  • farewell coworkers
  • dunkin donuts vanilla chai ingredients
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  • All about Lorelai just sitting there and looking at Luke and then wanting to kiss him
  • home made sex photos tony yang [gross]
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  • monchichi character names
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  • which actress played stewardess who flew plane in airport 1975
  • asian eyelid taping
  • Pornstar that is married to NBA basketball player

my favorite: "farewell coworkers." i can just picture someone getting laid off and doing one last search before they're discreetly escorted out of the office by some burly guard. and whoever's looking for sex photos, you should be ashamed of yourself! e-mail me instead.