i woke up and knew something was happening because all the channels were broadcasting the same live shot of some square in baghdad where the americans were about to topple a statue of saddam hussein. i was happy when the statue finally fell, not really for what it stood for, but that once again through the power of live television i was a witness to something historical, good or bad. 6000 miles away there is civil unrest as a country without a government lurches into destination unknown, while here, locally, all i could think of next was, what's for breakfast?

breakfast was a glass of fruit elixir and some slices of toast. afterwards i left the house to run errands: drop off my dry cleaning (just a single shirt i'm too lazy to stain treat and clean and iron myself), go to target to buy some household cleaning items (windex, clorox, shout) + shoe polish, go to cvs to refill some prescriptions + buy a spongebob squarepants toothbrush + a shoe brush, then came back home. i cleaned the toilet and dropped one of those bleaching cleaning cakes into the water tank. i polished my shoes, put on some black kiwi paste with a used toothbrush then brushing to a shine with a brush. i watched some more war coverage.

i picked up my mother from the cafe after she got out of work and we returned to belmont. after a quick stroll of the backyard, my mother gave me a haircut and my sister worked on it a little bit as well. i had dinner at home, then returned to cambridge with some ties and a pair of black socks.

i just might go to bed early tonight. last night i took a bath before bed, reading the latest issue of newsweek in the tub before it got too soggy to hold from all that steam. there will be no repeat performance tonight, despite the fact that i have plenty more reading material to get wet. i'm going to floss, brush my teeth, and go straight to bed.

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please don't ask: i am not an expert on chinese orange chicken!