i woke up and drove to mark's new condo in brighton. as was the case last night, i had to scrape the ice off of the car before i could go, since the weather continued to be rainy and cold.
mark didn't move far from where he and his wife deb used to live, which is also very close to the apartment john+dan+brian shared. the new place was this spacious 1300 square feet loft unit, not counting the additional 300 square feet of space above the kitchen which will be a future bedroom. the first thing i noticed when i came in was the ceiling, a height of 18 feet.
if you want to count volume, my place is a mere 2520 cubic feet compared with the 23,400 cubic feet that is chez hickey! you could fit 9 of my condo into this one space. i had the honor of being the first official guest in their new home (they just closed on thursday). some appliance guys were installing an in-unit washer/dryer when i was there. i don't think i've ever lived in a place with so much space before! it'll be interesting to see how they decorate the place. i recommended some suspended bubble chairs for that retro look, or maybe some swings. they surprised me when they revealed that they also wanted to get a greyhound. the bathroom had a cool heat lamp, which could also double as a dark room light. nothing had been moved in yet, the lease on their apartment giving them about a month to transfer their earthly possessions.

i went to the filene basement at the arsenal mall and returned the suit i had bought a few days ago. i didn't know if i could return it, since i got it at downtown crossing, but apparently i can. i browsed around for a little bit then left.

i then went to belmont, to pick up some mail, grab one of my suit jacket, and go out into the backyard to look around a bit. nothing much had changed since last weekend, with the exception of the snow (which upon closer inspection are actually tiny ice balls) and the yellowing of the bamboo. not sure what's causing the bamboo to do that, it survived all winter long staying green, it's probably a natural cycle because i saw the same thing happening to a neighbor's bamboo grove a few blocks away.

i returned to cambridge, but not before grabbing a copy of the rosenoff report from the dewolfe real estate office. i heated some buffalo wings for lunch, then had dumplings for dinner. i also discovered that eliza jones doesn't floss daily as well. where do these people come from?