after i had some scrambled eggs and sausages for breakfast, i went back to sleep for two hours then woke up at noon. although i could've easily slept through the rest of the day, i had things to do. like answering e-mails. like talking to people on aim. like moving the car to a better parking spot. like going out for a run. it was 50 degrees, which meant shorts, and on a gamble i went with just a t-shirt. i was intercepted by my opposite door neighbor jeff before i left the house, said he'd pay me to have me help him paint his newly renovated condo. i wasn't going to do it because painting brings back horrible memories of the month long period where i painted my own place, but if he's going to pay me, it doesn't hurt to earn a little play money. he showed me the work that his team had completed, pointed out what needed to be painted. no trims so it's just an easy white wash, but he has a high roof that requires some acrobatic balancing to get to.

it was chilly enough during the run to see my breath. it was cold in the shadows but very warm in the sun. it was also cold on those long stretches of road where there wasn't any wind barriers. at certain points it was so warm it felt like summer and my hair started to get wet from the sweat. the warmth also made me run faster, but i cramped up shortly afterwards and had to slow down to a walk for a short period (i blame the glass of milk i drank before i left the house). crew teams were practicing in the river, and during the final stretch along the charles, i was running at the same speed as a crew boat. it was only after i stopped running did i realize the women in the boat weren't even rowing, they were just coasting along the surface. i walked home, the skin on my bare arms and legs red from the freezing temperature (the sun had disappeared by then behind some clouds), my hands felt like ice. i took a lukewarm shower to thaw out.

i was ready for a nap to recuperate from my earlier lack of sleep, but as soon as i was about to go unconscious, my cellphone rang. my friend gary wanted me to come with him to go digital camera shopping for his san francisco trip on thursday. first we went to the best buy in watertown, but didn't see anything good. next was microcenter on memorial drive. it was a choice between the minolta dimage x (which they didn't have any in stock) and a price-reduced returned small kodak digital camera. i told gary to get the kodak ($200), but he really like the minolta and wanted to see a few more places first. we went to the best buy in the galleria mall, they had a nicer selection, but still nothing that said "must buy." we went out into the mall and tried the circuit city express (they had 3 digital camera total) and ritz camera. there were two amazingly small cameras at ritz, a sony and another model of minolta. as far as micro cameras went they were cool, but since they didn't have any form of zoom (not even digital zoom), i couldn't recommend them to gary. we had dinner in the food court (i had the bourbon chicken) even though gary wanted to treat me to the cheesecake factory, and left right as they announced the mall was closing (9:30pm).

i'm going to have to sleep early if i want to wake up tomorrow morning at 9am to paint! my only regret is i won't have to time to work on the php version of the weblog some more tonight. it's been a long day, to say the least. i'm already feeling woozy.

everything looks different so early in the morning. the sunlight illuminates the landscape in a way that i usually don't see. or maybe i'm just seeing things after only getting an hour of sleep last night. i just got back from the airport, dropping off alex at terminal e. he's worried about his car that i'm taking care of for the next three weeks, my jerky variable acceleration aggressive driving style didn't assuage his fears. the sumner tunnel was closed on the right lane for some weeklong big dig construction work, so traffic flow slowed to a halt. along the banks of the charles river were a lot of joggers, surprising, because 1) i don't believe people can be active so early in the morning and 2) the weather wasn't that warm (are so many people that hardcore about running?). when i got back home safe and sound (after circling the block one time to find an empty parking spot), i gave alex a call on his cellphone to let him know i didn't crash his vehicle.

i'm tired, but i'm not sleepy. maybe i should make some breakfast and then go to bed. my schedule's all messed up. hello monday.