i was in the deep end of the sleep pool last night, didn't wake up until noon, for which i am shaking my head at because nothing says "lazy" or "unemployed" like somebody who wakes up at noon on a weekday. so usually i try to wake up earlier than that, but with my obscenely late sleep schedule, even waking up at noon meant that i only got 7 hours of sleep. anyway, i got up and was disappointed to see there wasn't any snow outside. from the weather reports last night, i figured to see yet another snowy landscape. soon however it did start to snow, as promised.

i checked my mailbox and found one of those, "clients found some bugs, need a fix in a few hours" e-mails. from the sound of the message it seemed pretty serious, and i even had to call up the client personally (which is not the company i'm working for) and ask them about the bugs. it turned out to be nothing too serious and i was able to fix it after digging out the lingo manual and remembering how to do a custom message box. after two hours, with everything uploaded, i once again got that post-delivery euphoria.

watching the snowfall, i reheated some food my father had brought over from yesterday, whipped up a fruit elixir, watched the news. the two big stories are of course the possible war with iraq and the elizabeth smart kidnapping return case. i went outside and did some shoveling only after seeing that my next door neighbor had shoveled the sidewalk in front of his building. i shovel the snow not because i care about people and don't want anybody to slip and fall. no, i shovel the snow because i don't want my neighbors to think they're better than me because their sidewalks are all clear while mine still has snow, so it's a combination of competitive spirit and shame.

nothing says "bachelor" like having ramen for dinner, for which i am guilty of. korean kimchee ramen (none of that generic maruchan stuff you can buy from star market) with an egg lightly simmered in a broth of boiling water, topped off with some chopped coriander and a side dish of sliced cold braised beef. i haven't really cooked since this past weekend, i feel like i'm in store for another one of my big elaborate one man dinners. tomorrow's perfect, i don't have any work, just run some errands and pick up the ingredients for what i'll be making tomorrow night.

the rest of the night i spent hammering the pieces of my new self-built database driven weblog. still not finished (local version only), soon though.