i went for a run in the afternoon, 24 degrees when i left the house, 34 degrees when i got back an hour later at my slow and steady pace. i saw two other runners and a handful of walkers. it felt so good when i finally stopped running, this is definitely some kind of masochism. i walked home feeling like a champ, sleeves rolled up, hat in my hand, listening to my music, chewing my flavorless gum, cooling off.

after i took a shower, my father came by to pick me up to go over to my godmother's house in belmont where they had a side table for me. it was a white plywood tabletop with folding leaves and a heavy cast iron base with legs painted in yellow. it was too big for what i had in mind, but i took it anyway. we also returned to my parents' place to pick up a green cast iron shelf. we came back to my place and put everything in the kitchen. now i have more storage space and don't have to stack my food on the countertop or above the refrigerator.

i went to get $10 worth of groceries before dinner. i'm embarrassed to say that i was guilty of being a grazer tonight in the produce department: i taste tested a green grape to see how sweet it was (turned out sour, i didn't buy). dinner was nothing fancy, clam chowder from a can, watched the gilmore girls while i ate (a repeat, the one where jess buys an used car from the extra money he makes working at walmart). 24 was something else though, name one other show this season that ends the episode with a nuclear bomb exploding somewhere in america? sucks that i have to wait 3 more weeks before the next new episode though, hope the show isn't being bumped for more fox reality shows.

another confession: i've been staying up late the past few nights (3am late) to watch three's company reruns on nick at nite. last night's episode was the one where larry fixes jack up with a blind date who leaves a message on their brand new answering machine (which, by the way, was the size of a vcr). it turns out to be a wrong number and jack ends up meeting this woman named rita (tori lysdahl) at a skating rink (remember those?) who's really a diamond smuggler and slips jack some "ice" ("diamond jack", episode 131, 7th season, 1982). and you know, a lot of fans give her a hard time, but nurse terri alden (priscilla barnes) was my favorite roommate on the show. i was never a big chrissy (suzanne somers) fan.

yet another confession: after the guilty pleasure of three's company, i also watch perfect strangers. bronson pinchot as balki bartokomous, he was comedic gold back then. and mark linn-baker as cousin larry appleton? pure genius. i hope there's an e! true hollywood stories about the show in the near future. last night's episode was the one where balki delivers a baby in the back of a car while cousin larry drives to the hospital.