the big news this morning was the death of mr.rogers. can anything bad be said about this man? although i was never a devote viewer growing up as a child, i've seen my fair share of episodes. he seemed like a genuinely nice guy who loved children. mr.rogers probably appealed to me more than sesame street. i have a hard time taking advise from a puppet. for some strange reason i keep on thinking about michael jackson, somebody else who loves children, but in a way that makes people worried and fearful. why can't mr.jackson be more like mr.rogers? he wouldn't have all this trouble he's having now.

i spent the morning vacuuming the house, after i called mark hickey reminding him he was 30 years old today. eliza hoover was coming over to pick up some cd's of source codes from a project we worked on, and i didn't want her to see how dusty my place was. where did all this dust come from? do i really shed that much? i just vacuumed a few weeks ago, and like magic, the dust just reappeared. i don't mind vacuuming the floors, but it's the bookshelves that i find challenging, because i have to move things around in order to get at all the dust. okay, if you're laughing at my vacuuming predicament, then you obviously don't vaccum enough!

at 3pm, when julie came back home from an off-site meeting, we met in porter square to go running on this 30 degrees blue sky day. we traveled down mass ave in the direction of arlington, where i ran into lisa. julie showed me the bike path that cut through russell field park to alewife, and from there we ran through mayor thomas danehy park besides the fresh pond mall, along the edge of fresh pond by the fresh pond parkway, and down huron avenue. we browsed the shelves of free paperbooks at bryn mawr book store. julie tucked a copy of "art of love" into her pants. next we went to henry bear's park, a local toystore that sells smart toys for kids. we tried to look for a particular children book by grace lin (a girl julie knew from school) but couldn't find it. i felt a little self-conscious in my revealing synthetic fiber running pants surrounded by kids. i was waiting for one of the clerks to escort me out of the store, "sir, you can't wear those here." we ran the rest of huron avenue, ending up by upland where we ran back to porter square. we went to pier 1 so julie could continue her search for cereal bowls. she ended up buying another teapot (on sale, $3, we played teapot jenga with the display so she could get the perfect teapot she wanted) and a pack of easter chicks. julie walked back home with her purchase, i sprinted back to my place, minutes before eliza was scheduled to arrive.

eliza showed up around 5pm (my t-shirt was still sweaty after coming back from the run). she was the 6th person to ever visit my place back in june when i first bought the place. although she'd seen the progress via my weblog, this was her very first time seeing the place after all the renovation work. so much had been done (floors, windows, lights, new closet), i think i forgot to mention all of them except the obvious color painting. she waited on the couch as i burned the cd's for her. once they were done, she left to go to a birthday party.

tonight i made pasta for dinner. i think i have a bad habit of overdoing it on the ingredients. if there's something i like, i end up adding way too much to the recipe. i chopped so much celery and mushrooms to go into the sauce that i was afraid i'd have more vegetables than actual sauce. after a nice simmering though, the vegetables shrunk down and the sauce level rose. learning from past mistakes, i only ate half (instead of trying to cram it all down in one night), saving the rest for tomorrow.


pasta sauce with
raw ingredients

pasta sauce
after simmering