i was incapacitated by insomnia late last night. unable to sleep, i woke up and watched television in bed, saw the professional on bravo. i didn't fall asleep until well after 5am in the morning. i don't think it was anything i ate, i was just thinking too much, and once the mind comes to a rolling boil with thoughts and concerns, i might as well be wide awake.

i returned to consciousness at noon, made some belgian waffles for lunch. i haven't been eating a lot of waffles lately because they're messy to make, the batter constantly spilling out from the waffle iron. the iron is also hard to clean because of its electronic components, so usually it just remains a greasy mess. after lunch i went through all my end-of-the-month bills, writing out checks. i renewed a bunch of magazine subscriptions (fangoria, tv guide, mac addict), paid my mortgage, paid my cellphone, filled out my biweekly unemployment postcard, signed the account transfer for my life insurance policy, and even had time to send amanda garnier a birthday card. after dropping off the stack of letters into the nearest mailbox (the only time i went out today), i came back home, surprised to see that the moat that surrounded by house a day or two ago has now mostly dried up.

i took the opportunity to inspect my backyard. the deck was mostly dry except for a patch of wetness dripping from the remaining snow of my upstair neighbor's deck. as with the front of the house, i was surprised that most of the backyard snow has already melted, what was once crotch deep in snow is now ankle deep at best. the lawn gnome is still alive and well. for some reason i keep on thinking somebody will steal it, but it's kind of hidden in my backyard, nobody really sees it. i noticed a weird thing happening on the snow: the few fallen pieces of leaves had embedded themselves into the snow because of their darker hence higher heat absorption level, as if the forces of nature had hollowed out holes for the leaves to rest in. i also went down into the basement, fearful that it'd be flooded, but it was amazingly dry.

after consulting with four different cookbooks and finding nothing i wanted to eat, i ended up heating a can of chicken soup and dumping last night's leftover rice into the pot. while the soup was simmering over the stove, i was doing the dishes, and broke my first glassware, one of the tumblers, when i accidently chipped it on the faucet spout and then dropped it into the sink.

tonight's tv lineup featured the celtics losing at home to the houston rockets (starring yao ming in a secondary role) and history channel documentaries about the secret axis aircrafts of WWII.

and finally, five songs from my recent playlist:

  • franky goes to hollywood "born to run"
  • kinky "más"
  • young mc "bust a move"
  • britney spears featuring pharrel from NERD "boys (remix)"
  • bering strait "porushka paranya"