it would've been another wednesday... were it not for all that terrorism! i watched homeland security secretary tom ridge present his whole "don't be afraid...be ready" campaign, kind of like the 21st century of "duck and cover." immediately i went to the ready.gov website, full of generic information on what to do in case of a biological, chemical, explosive, radiation, or nuclear attack. okay, but what about the swarms of killer bees i heard the terrorists have been secretly breeding? that probably falls under biological. how about robots?

tell me, are you more scared or less scared than you were before?

to be honest, i think it's going to make people even more panicky. surviving a nuclear attack? when did we get to this point? you'd think two years after september 11th, the world would be a safer place because the invincible american military power would've gone out and cleaned up all that terrorism. but whether it's true or not, according to the government, it seems like the world is even more dangerous than ever before. is it entirely the terrorists fault? or is the government scaring the crap out of people for no good reason?

there are some really cool icons on the website though, i'll give them that. julie pointed this out to me, but one of the diagrams for radiation threat has it detonating in texas. why texas? maybe the illustrator was making some sort of not-too-subtle political statement.

i briefly left the house today to cash some checks. all around me were cars still buried in snow. fortunately, the weather was above freezing, so there was some melting, but it's going to take a lot more than that for all this snow to be gone. coming back from porter square i saw some moss poking out of the snow. not really a sign of spring, but kind of cool to see. i ran into my upstairs neighbor steve, who told me he finally got a job. i'm so jealous! i want to be back at work as well. all this unemployment is finally catching up with me, i wake up most mornings in this perpetual state of restlessness.

dinner, alu chole (curried garbanzos & potatoes) with a side of salad. not really cooking, more like just packaged heating. i think tomorrow night i'm going to cook something, it's been a week since i made a good dinner.

later tonight i can look forward to washing the pile of dishes in the kitchen sink and putting out the trash. i'm probably going to have to shovel a hole on top of the snowbank to fit my trash barrel and recycle bin.