just a random sampling of what people have been searching for (and finding my site in the process) within the past month or so:
  • my house from space
  • japanese panty
  • fortified lime juice
  • biography on kenny g
  • freezing temperature of gatorade
  • we could talk in the shower or we could just stay home
  • can i have photos of really pretty black girls?
  • what are the effects of eating a lot of ice?
  • high priced bikinis
  • house plants that got too cold
  • fetish anesthesia
  • why does everyone call my roommate and not me?
  • length around jamaica pond
  • mango pancake mix
  • economic status cause of inferiority complex
  • Yang plastic pants
  • motion sickness walking
  • why is rock good?
  • are black lights good for plants?
  • what if i paint below 50 degrees?

i went with my father to costco to buy some supplies (kleenex, chicken broth, cans of soup) (where i saw a mother driving a minivan with the husband sitting in the passenger seat and two kids plus a mountainload of supplies give the finger and kiss off to someone who was honking at her), then later i had dinner with my family at the shangri-la restaurant in belmont, a belated birthday treat from my aunt and uncle (both my father and aunt share birthdays on the 8th while my birthday is the 12th). the food was okay, we ordered a lot of hot & spicy dishes, it was my first dinner at that restaurant, although i have been there once for weekend brunch with laurie a long time ago. before we left, i said hello to cynthia's parents, who by coincidence were having dinner there as well. mr.freeman asked me what i was doing now, and without hesitation i told him i'm currently unemployed but i used to be a programmer. my family returned to the belmont house, where we exchanged some birthday presents. i got the american classics cookbook (from the editors of cook's illustrated magazine), and my mother got me a digital bathroom scale.

and some random notes:

i rotated the cushions on the sofa today, i noticed i always sit on one side, which was starting to sag a little bit (which i think is natural, the cushions are way too poofy).

my hair's been kind of flat lately. i wonder if its a vitamin deficiency? or maybe i should switch conditioner. whatever it is, it's leaving me with one bad hair day after another.

for some reason, when i come home i still check to see if i have any messages on my answering machine. this is strange behavior on my part because 1) i don't have phone service in my house anymore, and 2) i don't have an answering machine anymore. i wonder how many days it'll be before i stop doing that?