this weekend was all about the couch action. friday night i was doing my final round of comparison shopping, saturday i bought it, and today, sunday, i got it delivered to my house.

i woke up at 9am on a sunday morning to walk down to porter square and get some money from the atm for the delivery guys who would be arriving at my place between 10-12pm. soon after i came back home with the cash, i got a call on the phone from the delivery guys telling me they're about to arrive. it was 10am. i saw a budget rent a truck pull up to my street and figured that was then. three guys came out, young, college age or maybe younger. they were pretty funny, one guy was the brains, another was the muscles, and the third was just some kid tagging along. brains came and did some head scratching when he saw the tight corner in coming into my foyer. when i told him there was a straight path from the backdoor, his mood instantly improved. he had muscles single-handedly lift the couch (not sure how heavy it was, but i have a hard time just lifting one end of it, let alone the whole thing) and bring it around the house to the back porch. in their haste they knocked the birdfeeder, scattering some sunflower seeds. "look what you did now!" brains yelled at muscles. effortlessly they brought the sofa into the living room, screwing on the legs, and uprighting the whole thing. the whole move look only a few painless minutes. brains got me to sign some papers and i paid him the $69 delivery charge. "i can't believe you guys are working today!" i told him. "yeah, i know! it's like a sacred day!" brains told me. "who ya rooting for?" "the raiders," i said, "cause of jerry rice, i really want him to stick it to the 49ers." "nice dude!" he replied. with that little piece of male bonding, he left with his moving buddies, on to his next delivery.

so the first thing i noticed about the couch is how big it is! don't let the photo fool you, objects in image are much larger than what they appear to be! i'm like a child when i stand next to it, like somehow i'm living in a giant's house with gigantic furnitures! it feels like i have a twin sized bed parked in my living room. not only is it big (length-wise), but it's also high. high enough that i'm almost climbing on top of the couch when i take a seat. i think it has something to do with the new cushions, they're still poofy, i don't remember they were this high in the showroom. i called my parents immediately to let them know the good news, my father dropping by briefly to help me play around with the sofa, move it around the living room, test out different locations.

after the dust of getting my new couch had settled, i called up shannon so we could go out and do some more shopping. we went to the somerville target off of mcgrath o'brien highway, i've seen it before, but completely forgot that it was there. i didn't buy anything except for a box of spree candy. funniest thing we heard was when a woman said the very boston "no sir!" to her husband. after we left that store, shannon grabbed a quick burger from the burger king across the street, and it was off to trader joe's on memorial drive. i bought about $20 worth of groceries, mostly whimsical purchases, like a can of sardines or a box of gnocchi. i also got a box of orange givrées, orange sorbet inside of an actual orange shell.

when i got home, i got a quick updated tour of my neighbor jeff's place, in the midst of trying to sell one of the units. i lounged on my new couch, watching speed, drinking my soda, eating my japanese nori maki rice crackers. i almost feel asleep before my parents rang my doorbell. they were coming over tonight to have some spicy chinese hot pot for dinner. they came with the conduction heater, most of the ingredients already at my place when my father visited earlier today. we ate in the living room, watching the superbowl on television. around that time my sister arrived as well. they all took turns breaking in the couch, as soon as somebody would leave, another person would quickly take over that space. when the game was over (officially over), they all left, leaving me to enjoy...

tonight's episode of alias!

i was literally shaking after the episode was over, it was that good. i really hope a lot of people got to see it after they saw the superbowl, even though it was on sort of late, around 11pm. i'm calling an alias amnesty: if you weren't a fan of the show or never seen it before, and now you're totally all about sydney bristow, i'm okay with that, but only for this one time. anybody else who still isn't watching one of the best shows on television, please don't, keep it cool by doing your part to not watch it, otherwise too many people will like the show and it won't be cool anymore.

spoilers: because of the potential influx of post superbowl viewers, tonight's episode was written in such a way so that newbies won't be lost when they watch it, a little bit more explaining than the usual episode, but i didn't mind. because they wanted to attract viewers, tonight's episode was also a supersexy episode, and all throughout the superbowl we were reminded of it as we saw sydney bristow slinking around in various lingerie. but talk about an explosive episode: one of the coolest spy escape yet, being sucked out of an airplane door with a parachute on, one of the engines on fire from a previous bad guy getting sucked into the turbine; vaughn confessing his love for sydney? i swear to god, i thought that was a dream sequence when it happened, but then when it turned out to be for real, my jaw just dropped; jack bristow finally being made out by sd-6 as a double agent, and his subsequent torture. i almost wanted him to say something funny about it because is it just me or is he a regular in the torture chamber? for somebody who's pretty high up in the chain of command, he spends an awful lot of time getting tortured to either prove his loyalty or to extract information from him; sydney revealing to dixon that they're really working for the bad guys, and how dixon became a key part in the eventual destruction of the alliance, and his reaction to sydney when they saw each other after the siege, "don't ever talk to me again." i hope those two kids can iron out their differences, i want the whole marshall-dixon-sydney team to be back together again!; francie and will getting it on? who would've thunk?; the alliance goes down! it happened kind of sudden, i figured they'd try to at least stretch it into a few episodes, of within the span of one episode, the alliance is destroyed! i think that was totally the way to present it to the viewers, as a sudden surprise, so it doesn't drag; sloane is perhaps the mastermind behind a new enemy spy agency? and that he always knew jack and sydney were double agents? OH MY GOD; sydney and vaughn finally kiss! goosebumps, okay? i hope that doesn't become the kiss of death, although it really was just a kiss, not like they're going out yet. there's so many other things happening within the alias universe anyway, i don't think the show will be bad if they do become a couple. isn't it convenient that will is now into francie?; speaking of which, NO! trail of blood...NO! tonight's episode rocked. i haven't seen television this good in a long time (well, not since watching the last episode of 24).