i was going to wake up early this morning to go to the harvard museum of natural history, where there's a special exhibit featuring the skeleton of an extinct dodo. for some reason, i've been doing a lot of reading on this strange bird, a flightless turkey-sized creature that disappeared (1681) about a century after its first encounter with man on the island or mauritius. nobody really knows what it looks like exactly, other than from old drawings and the few remaining skeletal specimens. my cell phone alarm woke up me up 9am, but i kept on snoozing in hourly increments until noon, when i finally rolled out of bed. by then it was too late to make an early sunday morning trip to the museum.

feeling a craving for french toast (something that i've never made before but i have seen eliza make it one time), after a quick online search for a recipe (it's not really rocket science), i got dressed and went across the street to star market to buy a carton of milk, the only ingredient i was missing. while i was there, i also got three boxes of soda, carrying them all in my arms since i didn't grab a basket when i first came in. i went home and realized the leftover bread i had was all moldy, so i went back across the street to grab a loaf of bread (i went with the raisin swirl variety). because i left my wallet at home (i just had a few dollars in my pocket), i didn't have my shaw's card, but the woman at the cash register ended up scanning her own personal shaw's card so i could get the discount, a saving of $1.50. thankful, i got my change and my bread and ran back home in the cold.

along the way i saw some people walking around my neighbor's house, that when i saw the "open house" sign. they were all young couples, doing the typical couple thing of looking at open houses on the weekends. god how i loath their matrimonial bliss. i came back into the house and scowled at them through the blinds. i hope they don't end up being my new neighbors. i only want to be surrounded by bohemian-types.

i ended up making 5 slices of french toast, served with maple syrup and some sausage links (i've been eating sausage links everyday, i'm trying to finish up the supply i have in my freezer). the bread was too fresh (i guess you sort of need old bread, the kind that's a little bit hard), so they were slightly soggy.

i spent most of the afternoon watching football, saw the buccaneers beat the eagles to advance into the superbowl next sunday. i was rooting for the eagles, now that they're out of it, i could care less about next sunday's big game, except for all the new commercials and a brand new sexy episode of alias after the game. i also watched a classic bulls vs. jazz nba finals game, michael jordan taking the last shot to win the championship. i'd pay to see MJ's comeback game against the knicks, when he scored 55 points as number 45 at madison square garden. i remember i saw the game in college in a roomful of black knicks fans, i thought i'd get my ass kicked when they turned around and saw me cheering for the bulls. i also saw an interview with nigella lawson, whom i only have a strictly platonic interest in as i scour the internet looking for her photos. i then logged about 4 solid hours working on my freelance project, the deadline being pushed out a bit because of delayed bug testing. i got the printer working last night, windows xp didn't automatically recognize the printer (it wasn't having any of that HP plug-and-play action), i had to manually configure it. also, the paper feeding mechanism is slightly broken, so i sort of have to nudge the paper a little bit when i see the rubber rollers spinning, trying to catch hold of a sheet of paper. i'm not complaining though, $260 total for my PC setup including a free color printer that works, it's not so bad.

i made some pizza rolls (actually, more like heated them in the toaster oven) just in time for the golden globe awards starting at 8pm. during the commercial breaks i also slowly heated some soup (from a can) over the stove. don't have very much to say about the show, i wasn't as engrossed in the movies as i was last year, i only saw a few, the ones i did see didn't win anything. even the outfits weren't very interesting (there were a few ugly dresses, i will never understand how people can leave the house looking that awful), maybe everyone's saving it for the emmys (september 21st) and the oscars (march 23rd).

i've got some more work to do, then i'm calling it a night. hopefully tomorrow i can run some serious errands (visitor's parking permit renewal, residential tax exemption, medical insurance reimbursement, buy some magnets, and attend a wedding).