i woke up to 60 degrees this morning, because i had turned down the thermostat last night before i went to bed, to test out how i'd handle a temperature drop of 5 degrees. warm and snug under the comforter, it wasn't noticeable. waking up, it didn't feel any different either. work on the computer however, i noticed that i didn't have any feelings in my hands, they were ice cold. i set the thermostat back to 65 degrees. i can't wait to get my heating bill, like waiting for a report card when you know you didn't do so well this semester.

i cooked up two scallion pancakes for lunch and made a strawberry/raspberry fruit elixir. i enjoy waking up these days. when i used to work, there'd be days when i wanted to call in sick, for whatever reason, i didn't want to get up. nowadays, i can't wait. making lunch in the kitchen with the sunlight brightening the interior of the house, it's like, hey, anything can happen today, i can't wait. my days are filled with infinite possibilities, as long as they don't involve spending the money i don't have.

on the second day of grass growing, it's amazing to see how fast this cat grass mixture can grow. what's the hurry, grass? you'll live longer if you grow slower. i guess when it comes to seeds like these, rapid growth is a desired characteristic. where do they sell the grass that grows slow though? because that's the kind that i want. maybe when the season changes, i can grow moss. aren't moss notoriously slow growing?

in the afternoon, i went with my mother and sister to do more couch shopping, this time at jordan's furnitures in waltham, my second visit. on their website i saw a few designs that looked good, but when i actually saw them in the showroom, they left something to be desired. there was one purple sofa that sort of appealed to me, but it was 91" long, much too long for my living room. i like this red couch i saw on the jordan's website, but i didn't see it in the store (i might have to call them tomorrow and have them do a check). so my list of couches is narrowing down though, it won't be long before i finally make a decision!

later, i went with them to costco to pick up some cafe supplies. they were having a hand-knitted oriental rug sale, i saw some fabulous bokharas, and would love to have bought another one (maybe a runner), except they were too expensive for my taste, and i need to save my money for my impending sofa purchase. i returned with them to belmont, where i had dinner with my parents, and saw a quick slideshow of their weekend trip to southern california. my father ended up dropping me back at my place.

gary called and paid me another visit tonight. he brought over the OS 10.2 cd's, and also wanted me to help wipe the titanium powerbook and do a clean install. he stayed over until midnight, i even made him some ramen because he didn't have any dinner (he did pay for my dinner last night, the least i could do). after he left, i finished installing OS 10.2 on my own machine. now i am operating the most current macintosh operating system! slowly, i will make the transition over to the new OS. i played with some of the new features and applications, nothing too earth shattering, which was what i expected.