sometimes i'm glad i don't have a car. today is one of those times. while people were out in the cold digging themselves out of last night's mild snowstorm (it had changed to rain, more slush than snow this morning), i was nice and warm indoors watching them, holding my cup of hot chocolate. for lunch i made some hotdogs, before my father dropped by with some food (a bag of pancake mix and a bian-dang). i helped him change a flat tire, and then left him to finish up while i shoveled the ice from the sidewalk and the steps, becoming one of the people i was feeling sorry for earlier.

later in the day i went with shannon to the bread & circus supermarket in alewife, the food place of the super elitists, cheap processed food not good enough for them, they're willing to pay more for "natural" ingredients. i haven't been to this bread & circus in many years (nor any other bread & circus for that matter), i still remembered when it used to be a stop & shop. business was pretty brisk on a saturday night, so this is how the other half lives. if nothing else, they did have some really nice produce, i'll give them that much. the music was different too, a lot of 80's new wave (cure, psychedelic furs) with a touch of top 40's and disco. shannon bought a shopping cart load of vegetables and cheese (who would've thought you could have a whole corner of the supermarket just devoted to that smell substance?), i just got one item, a box of 100 australian chewing sticks, i've become the addict thanks to laurie's friend lucy (i'm working on my 4th stick now).

we drove next door to do some browsing at newbury comics, where i had a $100 worth of gift certificates looking to be spent. the good thing is i found out i can get cash back for any amount i don't spend. they did have some nice shoes, i might want to blow the whole wad on a new pair of doc martens. a young man saw me from across the store, made an effort to cross cover, and got right in my face and asked, "is there anything i can help you with?" no thanks, unless you want to help me shoplift some more cd's you paranoid freak! i started feeling paranoid after that, thinking they had their suspicious eyes fixed on me. i was surprised that my digital camera didn't set up the alarm when we left the store, which it does without fail at the harvard square newbury comics. we went to kappy's next where shannon bought some hooch. packaging on some of these alcohol are so pretty, it almost makes me want to drink! we saw one particular bottle of booze that came with a demo cd. as to what the content was, who knows.

later, we went to trader joe's on memorial drive. it's also been a few years since i've been to trader joe's as well. i even remember the last thing i bought from there, a tray of chocolate covered almonds. trader joe's felt like a discount bread & circus, the food was still on the healthy side but not as expensive. i bought a box of clementines ($5) and a few bags of japanese rice crackers.

returning to our homes, j.lo's "jenny from the block" was playing on the radio. that song seemed to be following us, every place we went (even trader joe's!), we'd hear that song. here's my prediction: jennifer lopez's star won't shine for very much longer despite her forays in two popular mediums (film and music) - she's a one trick pony, not as versatile as madonna with her every changing style (not to say i'm a fan of madonna, nor do i think she's some sort of pop culture genius). her imminent marriage to ben affleck? it's not going to last. this is her 3rd marriage?

i ate the bian-dang box for dinner my father had brought over earlier and the rest of the oven baked chicken, topping off with a few clementine oranges and some vanilla ice cream. hopefully tonight i won't see another sunrise before i go to bed, although it's already getting sort of late.