i decided today that i wouldn't be buying anymore presents. this being the last shopping day before christmas, i didn't want to venture outside and face the crush of last minute holiday shoppers. so instead i made lunch, a chicken pot pie pocket (microwaved), while watching a squirrel eating an acorn outside on the deck. i haven't seen animal activities at the feeder for a while now, and i'm kind of disappointed that the neighborhood squirrels haven't been trying to get to the sunflower seeds. it must be all the acorns hidden in the backyard. hopefully that'll change by tomorrow, when we'll have that white christmas snowstorm that's been all over news.

i remembered a weird dream i had last night:

my father was partnered with suge knight, where they owned these factories along the canadian border with women only workers. part of the work was to secure the canadian-us border (i.e. building fences), and originally i thought it was to keep the canadians from coming into the states, but turns out it was the other way around, and mainly to keep the factory workers from escaping. i discovered there was something sinister going on. workers who don't make the quota end up disappearing and becoming art work, where they're chopped up, shrunken down, shellaced, and painted to fit into these doll boxes.

and then a few nights ago, i had another weird dream:

i dreamed that i lived in a winnebago. i woke up parked in some parking lot, no idea where i was. it was early, some construction worker pulled his pickup truck next to my "house" and went to work. in my dream i kept on thinking to myself, "why did i ever buy a winnebago in the first place?" but then the rationalization kicked in, "well, i can live where ever i want, and when i visit friends, i can bring my house along too." [this content originally appeared as an e-mail to julie circa 021220]

jack, my godmother's son, aimed me, asking if he could come over and deliver my christmas present. damn! i told him very matter-of-factly that i didn't have any presents to give in return, he said he didn't care, and was going to come anyway. some time later he arrived with my present, a newbury comics gift certificate. does that place have home decorating items? because that seems to be the only things i'm buying these days. jack gave me a ride to the cafe, where i went with my mother to the cambridge mahoney's, to see if we could find a present for these family friends we're going over to tomorrow for dinner. they had nothing there, and it seemed like they were in the midst of cleaning up their inventory as well. we then went to the watertown target, where she ended up buying a kitchen appliance as a gift. we went back to the cafe, where my father gave me a ride back to my place. dinner, more turkey leftovers.

christmas eve. i think i'll go to bed early tonight. by midnight, it's going to be channel to channel of religious programming, nothing good will be on unless you get a kick out of watching christmas mass.