that's when i wake up. that's my routine. i actually set my alarm to 10am, but i wake up at 11am. i then take about an hour to check e-mail and make myself some lunch (can't really call it breakfast at that point). about noon i turn on the television to catch some news. i start working, but only while there's still daylight outside. when it gets dark i lose all desire to work. i go around the house closing all the blinds and prepare myself for the evening. make some dinner, watch some tv, call it a day. that's my routine in a nutshell.

my bathroom is warm and cozy, but my guest bedroom is just as warm and cozy. i rather sleep in the guest bedroom. the combination of the smaller space plus the yellow wall paint makes the room feel warmer, compared to the master bedroom, with its blues, and the fact that the walls aren't the best insulated. the guest bedroom is so empty though. apart from a bed and a substitute night table and a lamp and a bookshelf full of books, there really isn't anything else in there. if it only had a tv i think it'd visit the guest bedroom more often. now, i probably go there a few minutes at most per day, lie in that twin sized bedroom, admire the emptiness, and then leave, closing the door behind me.

i brush my teeth way too hard, this i know. all you need to see is my toothbrush, worn down so the bristles are all mangled and crooked. yet i brush even harder than that. i was brushing so hard, a few days ago i punched my jaw with the tip of my toothbrush, and it still hurts. i need to take it easy on my teeth. i brush like teeth have done me wrong. teeth and i are friends. i need to treat them nice and gentle-like.

it started snowing sometime in the afternoon, fine white powder shaking from the sky. i hear it's going to be a cold winter based on the fact that both october and november have been unseasonably colder than usual. where's all that global warming talk that i kept on hearing about during the summer? i must admit though, past few winters have been pretty mild, i figured we were due for a nasty winter sometime soon. fresh snow gave me a reason to go outside and take some snapshots. ice cystals on the deck. snow covered oak leaves. miniature stalactites of ice. white snowy roads.

around 7pm joel came over with his apex dvd player and his latest alias vcd. we ordered wings from wing works, i made smoothies, and we watched the episode. i explained to joel how ever since i saw victor garber playing liberace in a movie i saw on vh1, i can't help but to see sydney bristow's dad as liberace now. "fabulous!" it was the episode where irina derevko strips to her bra in front of jack bristow (liberace!). both joel and i remarked how good lena olin looked for an older woman. around 8pm i got a call from julie, reporting the latest update on her ongoing battle with at&t to get her cablemodem back up and running. once again something went wrong, once again no internet access. i invited her over so she could use my internet connection, she volunteered to bring pizza. it's weird, but somehow tonight it became very obvious that the three of us live very close to one another, no more than a mile apart (joel and julie live around davis square), neighbors really, if the weather wasn't so bad, i could just walk to their places and vice versa. when she arrived (in the still falling snow outside), we shared the pizza she got from palenque. i only had one slice, the 12 wings i ate had already filled me to the brink of overflow. afterwards julie even did some of the dishes. joel left before 9:30pm to meet up with a friend of his in davis square. julie stayed and watched er, a show i was only watching because she was here. she half watched the show and half replied to her backlog of e-mails. when er was over, julie went home (still snowing), leaving me to my own devices.