a single day is composed of many parts. within a 24 hour period, a lot can happen. some days there isn't a lot of activities, but other days there are. today was such a day. although for the most part there wasn't a lot of interesting things happening, over the course of the day they add up, and in the variety of things that occured the day ended up rather interesting.

i got up at 8am this morning. like yesterday, i went straight to work, my job to continue uploading files to my ftp server for client download. this has to be carefully monitored because i only have so much webspace, and whatever i upload has to be verified that it's been downloaded and then erased before i can upload anything else. the whole process took almost 3 hours.

in between uploads i managed to make myself some breakfast. although it doesn't seem like very much, every time i make something from scratch instead of heating something already prepared (say, soup from a can), it's a personal victory because i'm gaining more cooking experience. this morning was nothing special, 3 scrambled eggs plus a toasted raisin english muffin stuffed with ham and cheese, with a glass of orange juice. i felt so stuffed after i finished eating. some people say food tastes better when you make it yourself, but i don't really notice the difference. for me, it's more of a sense of personal accomplishment. i'm definitely not at that stage yet when i can say i love cooking, nor do i think that's something that will definitely happen. i could just as easily discover that i hate cooking, and spend the rest of my life eating out, cooking only out of necessity. it's still early in the game though, although i will admit that cooking right now for me is sort of an amateurish fumble, but like i said, i've only just started, and the fact that i keep on doing it even when i have cooking failures show that at least my heart's in the right place.

today was that time of the month again for street cleaning on my side of the street. most people moved their cars but i saw a tow truck carrying away one unsuspecting vehicle. i suppose it's a necessary evil. the street does look a lot better after a cleaning, and you know me, i'm all about beautifying the neighborhood. especially now, with so much autumn leaves clogging up the drains, we need street cleaning more than ever.

my father dropped by for a little while to help me put in the coat rack in the closet. we realized the wooden support beams were actually bowed, so we took them down for me to repaint the other side, the side that isn't as curved. i also painted the new supports for another hanger bar in the guest bedroom. these will be orange, like the closet walls. most of the tools and the unused paints were moved down to the basement and i threw away a lot of old boxes and post renovation garbage.

while browsing the computer section of craig's list, i found an AMD athlon 800mhz PC for sale for $220. kind of bare bones, but that's all i need. now i have to find a cheap monitor for this computer. i'm going to dorchester tomorrow morning to inspect the machine before buying it. this will be my very first pc purchase. i've bought a few macs in my days, but never a pc.

i decided to drain the severed hand that's been sitting in my bathroom, letting it dry and shrink back to its original size. i have no other choice if i want to get it out of the vase because its grown so big that it won't come out anymore, about the same size as my hand.

my father took me to the at&t broadband customer service office on sherman street, where i returned my digital converter and remote so i could get a $14/month saving in my cable bill. before we went there though, he stopped off briefly at the porter square white hen to run across the street and pick up a chinese newspaper. it was there that i bumped into mervin, laurie's friend, and whom i just saw this past weekend. we talked about cable and how he recently gave it up but still addicted. later, after i returned the converter, my father dropped me off in porter square again, where i deposited my freelance check and went to cvs to buy some toothpaste. i'm a sucker for anything new, and i ended up getting the crest rejuvenating effects toothpaste in a snazzy oval liquid gel dispenser. can't wait to go to bed and try out my new toothpaste! i noticed there was a huge line by the prescription refill desk. must be a bug going around.

where is zuka? zuka, the brazilian contractor who worked on my house over the summer. my parents needed some roof work, so i gave zuka a call on his cellphone. disconnected. okay, no problem, i still have his home phone number. i call that. disconnected. oh oh. i wonder what happened?

back at home, i snacked on an unhealthy combination of seedless grapes, kimchee, beef jerky, and egg nog. i felt sleepy while watching tv and decided to take a nap in the living room before joel came to pick me up after work. around 6pm he was knocking on my door. we left for anna's taqueria to grab some burritos, before returning to his place to pick up his roommate darren. we went to kendall cinema to catch comedian, the documentary about stand-up comics featuring jerry seinfeld as he works on his new material. i could relate to the movie better than another documentary i saw recently with joel, standing in the shadow of motown, because at least comedy is something i can practice, while musically i have zero talent. a lot of these stand-up comedians are insecure perfectionists who have an almost unhealthy need to well received by the audience. the documentary also followed another comic, orny adams, a striving comedian trying to make it big. orny shares the same neurotic insecurities and a desire to be perfect, but while seinfeld is humble, orny is arrogant and self-centered, and its easy to see why someone like him will never make it to the top. it's also nice to see such a reverence for bill cosby, who amongst stand-up comedians is a living legend when it comes to have new material, something that seinfeld struggles to achieve and refine throughout much of the movie.

after the film, i went over to joel's place again to watch the tivo recording of the gilmore girls. we were supposed to watch 24 as well but his tivo failed to record it for us. he gave me a ride back to my place, where i second coated the wooden support beams, to be assembled tomorrow.

last night i had a dream i went to my high school reunion (which, coincidentally, is coming up at the end of the month, my 10 year), but it was no mere high school reunion, it was stained with horror. the people i was interested in seeing never came (although i kept on waiting, hoping they would), some long lost friends who i didn't know from high school were there, and every so often there'd be a zombie scene, just like in a horror movie, i kid you not. i was having one of those cinematic dreams. former classmates and zombies never crossed, but the whole dream was building up to it, which made it scary, because i knew the class of 1992 would be no match for the army of the undead. i remember specifically talking to AH but can't remember the conversation, and i got a ride from FL in a jeep, even though in high school we were never friends.