today i did a lot of little things around the house to spruce up the place and make it that much more liveable. reattached some kitchen cabinet doors, cleaned out the inside of the cabinets, connected the last few remaining ethernet plugs, washed the dishes, made the beds. my own private experiment in cooking continues. i took my scrambled egg recipe to the next level by adding some chives into the mix, along with two pieces of instant french toast and a glass of apple juice. i was proud enough of my breakfast that i actually ate it like a civilized person in the kitchen on the dining table instead of in the living room lying on the floor like an animal.

one of the my favorite things every morning is seeing the sunlight fill up the kitchen and the master bedroom. with the winter sun moving lower on the horizon and the trees in the backyard gradually losing all their leaves, everyday it feels like there's even more sunlight entering the house. i'm one of those people who enjoy basking in the sun. something about natural sunlight that's just symbolic of life and happiness.

like yesterday, my stamina's not the same as it once was, or maybe being housebound all day just makes me sleepy, but i took a nap again, sleeping in the guest bedroom which is now becoming a regular napping room. i think maybe it's because other than the bathroom, the guest bedroom is the second warmest room in the house, the forced air vent quickly heating up that small space. i slept for over an hour before i heard my front door rustling. it was my father coming to pick me up to do some furniture shopping, and to bring over a 30lbs tree stump stand and a large pot of flowering jasmine (large, like 4 feet tall). i got dressed and we left to go pick up my mother.

we went to the economy hardware store in allston, the place where dan told me he got that nice sleep sofa for his apartment. i wanted to check it out, see what else they had. they didn't have much in terms of sofas, which is the one item i've been looking to find, but they did have some interesting unfinished wood furnitures. afterwards, my parents and i had dinner at a vietnamese restaurant a few doors down. i had this soup dinner with rice that sort of resembled tom yum gai, but the flavoring was too strong, too sweet and sour for my taste, not better than the tom yum gai noodle soup i got from the 88 food court. i also had a lemonade mixed with jasmine tea, the two flavors going surprisingly well with one another.

we made a quick stop to the watertown home depot where i returned a few unused networking items. i got some blank plugs for the wallplates, some lightbulbs (including a three way bulb for the bendable torchiere/reading lamp in my bedroom), and some weatherstripping tape for the porch door (which turned out to be the wrong size). i also wanted to get some new cable connectors but they only had them in bulk packs of 100 pieces.

my parents dropped me off back at my house, coming in briefly. my mother hadn't seen the place in a few days, and wanted to see the new changes i've made. my father did some last minute wiring of the phone lines, connecting all the lines to the switchplate in the hallway closet. the kitchen, when i first came in, smelled of jasmine. my mother came up with the idea of putting the dining table against the wall on one end (versus against the wall on one side), which aligned the table perfectly underneath the preexisting pendant light. i thought about what kind of carpeting and how big the rugs i'd have to get for the various rooms. they left soon afterwards.