"tony, put some pants on."

i seem to have a problem with pants. not that i go bottomless, i wear shorts, i just don't like wearing pants. i'll wear them when i go out, but as soon as i get back to the house, i change into a lovely pair of shorts. pants are just so restrictive, my legs need to breathe. unfortunately, this means i'm always cold because i'm not correctly dressed for the season. in order to compensate, i've got the heat cranked up high, so it's like a sauna in the house. i might change my tunes once i get the next heating bill though. i just might have to make that sacrifice and start wearing pants indoors in the name of saving money.

today was a day that i could've slept late, but by 10am i promptly rolled out of bed. with nothing on my plate, i had time to finally second coat the washer/dryer closet door with another layer of white semi-gloss. my father dropped by a few hours to help me hook up the phone lines to the various rooms. it was actually sort of easy, i never done it before, even though i've done ethernet cabling work. phone wiring is much easier compared to network wiring. we even wired for a second line should i ever find the need to have it. he brought over an old style teal rotary phone that sort of has an old school charm that goes well with my blue bedroom. i'd only use that phone to receive calls, i would never actually dial with it. i'm old enough to have grown up with rotary phones, and i would never wish that even on my worst enemies. duh-duh-duh-one duh-duh-duh-two duh-duh-duh-three. the phone needs to be cleaned up a bit, having spent the past few decades in some dark basement somewhere. tomorrow, i'll hook up the cable and the few remaining ethernet ports. it's a moment of truth because there might be a chance that i could get interference from the way we homewired everything. i did try to crimp a few coaxial cable but they didn't fit into the connectors, and i stopped after stripping the skin off of my fingertips.

i had some soup for dinner, numbly watching the post-election coverage on the various new shows. feeling sleepy, i brushed my teeth (good dental hygiene is important, especially now that i don't have dental insurance) and crawled in the twin sized guest bed and took one of those late naps for three hours. it's weird that i'd sleep in the guest bedroom. i can go days without ever having to set foot in that room. for a single guy, that's actually more square feet of space than i really need, i'll admit that. one of the ideas i've been toying with is getting a loft bed and throwing a small loveseat underneath that, converting the bedroom into a secondary living room space, make it all nice and cozy with plenty of soft lighting. anyway, the guest bedroom is actually pretty comfortable, and a lot more user friendly than the master bedroom (for instance, a nightstand table that's missing from the master bedroom).

i was awaken by my buzzing cellphone, alex wong calling to let me know there wouldn't be any used $100 PC's for sale from his soon-to-be-dissolved department, and to voice how much it "sucks" that he would soon be laid off. 12 minutes into the phone conversation the line went dead and when i called back there was nobody home. i got out of bed all groggy, disoriented, feeling like crap. i spent about an hour cleaning up the hallway closet and ripping the last remaining shred of rosen paper from the kitchen floor. right then and there, wednesday night, i finished painting. there's still some patch up work, but that's details. painting as i know it is now officially over. now i enter the furniture buying phase of home ownership, and the joys of interior design.

it looks like i finally need to buy a PC. if i'm looking to do any serious freelance work, i need a cheap PC to test my stuff on. this past week i've had all sorts of problems with my projects because i don't have a PC of my own to work from. originally the figure i had in my mind was nothing more than $500 (including monitor), but after doing some research, it would appear that i can build my own machine for a few hundred dollars less. like said, i don't need anything fancy, just good enough to install mutiple window operating systems on so i can test on.

last but not least, heated up some lasagna for my second dinner of the night and burned the remaining few hours of the day watching television.