even though i told him it didn't, john miller's 10:30am phone call woke me up. i was going to get up anyway though, didn't want to sleep too late. he came to get me to take a head shot photo of him for a saturday night live extra audition. we created a makeshift studio in the living room, using one of the walls as a backdrop (b&W photos, so it didn't matter that the walls were apple green) and with my coolpix 950 mounted on a tripod. after we got a good one, he spent some time photoshopping his face to make it perfect. i burn the file onto a cd (so he could go somewhere to print it out) along with some other photos (photos from the time dan and i went to visit john in NYC, old screen house nostalgia pictures). he left to go back to NYC, while i called my mother for a ride back to belmont so i could do some work on my sister's PC.

they came, my mother and sister, bringing more food in the process. we briefly stopped off at an open house on arlington street (in the heart of porter square, an unit in oxford court), about the same square feet as my place, but $60k more expensive. the real estate agent was somebody i'd seen before back in the days when i was in heavy open house viewing rotation. we were just curious to see what features it had that would warrant such a higher selling price (besides the location). ground floor level (actually partially below ground), two good sized bedrooms, small living room and kitchen and bathroom, a working fireplace, no parking. we also went to crate & barrel on mass ave to see if i could find a good living room rug, but no luck.

back in belmont, i took a two hour nap before waking up to hear my parents arguing with my sister in the living room. we ordered pizza for dinner, afterwards i did some work, before taking the suv back to cambridge (i have to go to rhode island tomorrow morning). sunday night all the parking spaces in front of my house were filled up, i have to drive around two streets down before i found a spot. it's my first time that i wasn't able to find parking right away.