i woke up early this morning (9am, i went to bed last night at 4am) to field some questions from gaylen about the cd i'd sent her on monday. in the meantime i had some cereal for breakfast (the last serving of corn pops) and painted the second coat of salsa in the closet. 2 hours later she's talking to me on aim with some last minute bugs. i quickly fixed them, burned a couple of new cd's, and left the house to mail them off at the fedex station in harvard square. i made sure i didn't leave during a time where i'd come across out of class traffic jam. since i'd already been there once on monday, i was already a veteran at this fedex game, filled out a form, popped the cd's into the fedex envelope, and dropped it in the fedex box. i stopped by at cvs to buy a bag of sunflower seeds. cutting across the harvard campus again, spitting out sunflower shells, i saw a large group of asian tourists admiring the john harvard statue.

when i got back to the house, my father was just leaving, stopping by briefly to secure the network box into the hallway closet. i removed the rest of the tape in the kitchen, only to retape it again, this time for trim painting. i had a late lunch consisting of hot dogs. my mother and sister briefly stopped by to drop off the car i'd need tomorrow morning to get to marion. i was done taping close to 8pm to watch the celtics' first game of the season (they'd eventually lose to the lowly bulls) and then birds of prey, eating my dinner of rice noodles with hot sauce. i don't think i've been able to watch a favorite show without being interrupted on the phone, and tonight was no exception, alex wong called me to let me know that his company would be getting rid of his department by the end of the year. alex's got a weird phone that periodically drops the connection for no reason. he says it's because of the building he lives in, bad reception. whatever the case, there were a few times where i was just talking and talking before i realized there was nobody on the other end. maybe it's a sign that i'm too talkative when i don't realize the connection's dead.

at 10pm i was back in the kitchen to prime the trims. i started with the two windows because they're the hardest to paint, followed by any stripped wainscotting, then all the bare wood baseboards.

two days ago
raw trims

primed trims
when that was done, it was the top of chair guards (stained with pink wall paint), then the door frames (same situation), and anywhere else that looked like it could use a touch of primer. 2 hours and 30 minutes later, just in time for conan o'brien, i was finished. lightheaded from the faint odor of ammonia in the paint, i crashed in the living room with a stomach ache, watching some late night television, drinking a can of hey-song sarsaparilla soda, figuring out tomorrow's route.

once the trims are completely done, i can finally put up the blinds so i won't have to be staring into my next door neighbor's living room everytime i go into the kitchen. she'll appreciate the privacy and so will i.