i set my alarm for 9am but it never went, and i ended up getting out of bed at 10:30am, which is an hour earlier than yesterday. with no purposeful agenda other than to work on the house, i moseyed about, watching some television (they caught the snipers!) and fixing myself some breakfast in the form of a packe of poptarts and a glass of fruit juice. i started to clean the kitchen in preparation for the painting that would be taking place soon.

my grandmother is leaving to go back to the west coast on saturday, and i really wanted to get my place 100% finished before she left, especially painting the kitchen so she could see what it looks like. unfortunately, with my snail pace renovation schedule, that doesn't seem to be a possibility. at most i might be able to prime the walls tomorrow, but i don't think i can get to the color stage...not unless i cheat and not do a primer coat and go directly into color. no no no, that's crazy talk. i could do it if the walls were just previously painted, but some sections are newly replaced drywalls, and those need a layer of primer coat in order for the final coats to stick. it could still happen, i need to wake up early tomorrow morning and get started on the priming. or maybe i can do it tonight...it's almost 2am...

my sister and father came by in the afternoon to help me clean the kitchen and bathroom. sanding, caulking, moving everything out of those two rooms, vacuuming, and even paint stripping some of the wainscotting. i hate paint stripping. fortunately i wasn't the one doing it, but the smell of melted paint gets everywhere.

for dinner, i went with my family to the super 88 food court in allston, my first time being there. i wasn't buying into the idea of all these different asian food kiosks under one roof, i figured the food would be substandard. actually, the food was pretty good, i got something from a thai place, tom yum noodle soup. in the end, my family got this fusion meal compromising of thai, vietnamese, and korean.

later we went to the super 88 supermarket, where i got some supplies (mostly instant noodles and condiments). i came back home and did a little bit more cleaning, taping around the cabinets, pulling out a few recessed lights, some more caulking, covering up the stove with some old curtains, and moving all the dining room chairs into the living room.