call me immature, but i had a health insurance check to give to the office today but i couldn't face going back to the place that i used to work at. normally i'd just mail it, but it kind of slipped my mind until the day before it was due. luckily i was able to reach paula, one of my contacts in the company, and i arranged to meet her for lunch, at the same time getting her to deliver my check for me.

this morning i woke up late, 11:30am. it was cold last night, all i had was a light blanket that barely covered my body (i had a more substantial blanket in the guest bedroom but was too lazy to get up and get it). i didn't realize how late it was when i woke up because just like a casino, there are currently no clocks in my bedroom. i thought it was still early because the weather looked so dark outside. what i didn't realize was it was snowing today, and i had completely missed it. the thing that everyone here in boston was talking about, another instance of freakish new england weather, i had just slept through. i looked outside the window when i finally did get out of bed, saw the puddles of water, and figured it was a rainstorm.

after getting dressed in my cold weather ensemble, i walked to porter square. i miss taking the t. i miss the people. i've said this many times, but it bears repeating. something that i use to do everyday, take the buses and the subways, i now only do a few times a month. something that used to be quite mundane is now a much looked forward to event. it was cold enough to see my breath, but it's been a long time since i've experienced cold weather so the change was refreshing.

i met paula at the galleria mall, inside of best buy. being in the mall was weird. the mall is such a symbol of consumerism, and ever since i've been out of work and housepoor, i've been able to curb my spendings. i no longer have explainable urges to buy things. the only thing i spent what's left of my money is on food, and an occasional movie. anyway, paula and i had lunch in the food court, she got her favorite pumpkin soup from au bon pain, i had my bourbon chicken. afterwards, we walked back to the office, she had my check to give to marcella, i went to the t station and took the subway back to porter square. i took the familiar 6th street short cut, a little walk down memory lane.

the traveling curtains creation crew came over again today. the team consisted of my mother, grandmother, sister (who had gone out today to buy some fabric), and my aunt. two hours later, i had curtains for the front door window. now, some dignified privacy, versus what i had before, which was a bath towel draped over the curtain rod.

for dinner i had the rice noodles that'd been in my fridge for a few days. i ate it while watching a repeat of the first episode of this season's star trek enterprise. do they really have to torture t'pol in a tight tank top? and does hoshi really have to lose her shirt (literally) just to help the crew escape from their quarters? i watched birds of prey in my bedroom, in the dark, nearly falling asleep when joel called me on the cell phone from right outside my house. he didn't come emptyhanded, came bearing a stack of last season's alias all in convenient vcd format, which we later found out that neither my mac nor my screen house dvd player will play them. i'll either need an equipment upgrade or try to find a copy of the mpeg2 additional for quicktime 6.

i spent the rest of the night putting away all my books into the various bookshelves. living room, all nature books, traveling books, and oversized books with lots of photos. guest bedroom, which could also substitute for an office, my reference books, language books, and collection of novels, soft and hardcovered. the master bedroom, my personal collection, books i'm ashamed to show publicly, photo albums, yearbooks, sketchpads, journals.

and if you're noctural like me, be sure to check out abc's world news now (2-3:30am), liz cho, she's *really* hot! even with her new perm (her hair use to be straight), she still looks good. asian female news reporters/anchors are a dime a dozen (the connie chung syndrome), but liz cho is in a class all by herself, she's not cookie cut!