i moved some more stuff from belmont to cambridge this morning. two boxes of my remaining books, a few milk crates of other stuff. my father and i moved one of the bookshelves into the master bedroom and then assembled the queen sized bed. despite the fact that the bedroom is painted a cool shade of blue, the addition of the bed made the house suddenly seem warm and cozy. after my father left to go to work, i hopped onto the bed, rolling around like i was a 3 year old. lying there on the big bed, i was having a feeling i can't describe, peaceful, content, happy, safe, warm - all the good feelings one would have moving into a new place, let alone a new place that you own.

after i fixed myself some lunch (chicken pot pie in a can), i snuggled up in bed and watched the episode of alias i'd taped on sunday night. it took me a while to actually find the tape, i was quite baffled, in a small house that's relatively empty, that i could actually lose something. i finally found it admist my floorstacks of books. it was the episode spoiler where sydney's father blows up a building making it look like her in-custody enemy spy mother meant to kill her when in fact she's actually trying to help her. the past few alias episodes have been lukewarm, but this one was a good one. despite the fact that everyone's a spy, the basic underlying dynamic to the storyline is something like two divorced parents trying to gain the upperhand on their child. it's really interesting, and it's fun watching lena olin, she's such a good actress, to see her work with the material, it's like watching a master at her craft. not to say the rest of the cast isn't talented as well. makes me want to go out and rent romeo is bleeding.

my mother came over to visit with my grandmother and sister in the late afternoon. my grandmother wanted to sew me a pair of curtains for the window on my front door. they came over with fabric samples to choose from. i didn't like any of them, so we decided to venture out looking for some custom blinds/curtains. our first stop took us to building 19 (somerville). they had nothing i was looking for, but i did see some really nice oriental carpets. there were a few high quality ones (expensive, of course), and you could tell they were handmade because it had the weaver's signature in arabic in the corner of the carpet. i bought a little indonesian made statue of two cats sitting in a boat fishing ($3). next, we went to target greatland. most of the curtains were transparent, and i wanted them completely blocking, so we decided to buy fabric instead (the original plan anyway). we left and went to the michael's craft store nearby, but they didn't carry any fabrics.

this is what traffic looks like
when you're nearsighted like me!

since it was late, we decided to buy some dinner. being that this month is celebrate american franchise restaurant month, we got an order to go from the porter square macdonald's. we went back to my place where we ate. afterwards, i made tea for everyone, my sister-mother-grandmother were taking turns cleaning, rearranging my stuff, or offering me living suggestions for things i should or shouldn't do in the future.

after they left to go home, i started on the final leg of tape removal in my living room and foyer, all while mulholland drive was playing on one of my cable stations. i stopped briefly to watch naomi watts' audition scene (hey! she's really good in that movie!). the removal lasted all the way into the conan o'brien show, but finally i was done.