"it's a good day to stay home and read a book or go to the movies."

so said the noontime television weather forecaster. hmmm, funny, what kind of people can do that in the middle of the day? unemployed people of course! the weatherman was speaking directly to me. but of course if you're watching the news in the middle of the day, you're probably not working anyway for whatever reason, so maybe that message wasn't so special.

the weather he was referring to was a nor'easter that hit the boston area today. oh how i loathe that word, "nor'easter." i remember a time when they were just simply called "storms." now everything's a nor'easter. i just hate the way it sounds and the way it's spelled, like some cutesy new england saying. "oh those simple new englanders," i imagine people in other parts of the country are saying, "they have such colorful words for everyday things. here we just call them storms." you'll never hear me saying "nor'easter." they're storms to me, of varying severity and precipitation type. like today, it was a wicked bad rainstorm, but not a hurricane. in the winter months, i expect to see some wicked bad snowstorms.

while the windy weather outside beat rain onto my insulated windows, i was inside - standing on a heating grill. don't tell me the feeling of warm air being pumped out from the floors on a cold day isn't just about one of the greatest feelings in the world. it touched something primal, like this is what my caveman ancestor probably felt, huddled next to his warm fire in a cold cave - except no bears.

what i did today: painted the ceiling trims and baseboards in the living room, and painted everything in the foyer except for one face of the closet door. what's left for tomorrow morning are the living room windows, the living room door frames, and the closet door. once that's done (each windows takes 30 minutes, there are 4 windows, the door frames will take an hour, the door another 30 minutes, like about 4 hours of continuous painting), the foyer and the living room will be done.

i must be a paint magnet because i have no idea how i can get completely covered in paint even though i wasn't doing any serious painting. and by serious painting i mean multiple rooms with rollers and brushes and paint dripping everywhere. sure, i dripped a little bit today, but no more than a few drops. so how come my arms are covered in paint again? and let's not even talk about my hair, took 15 minutes to trim out all the white paint last night, and in less than 24 hours, i've got a new coat of latex in my hair (well, maybe you wouldn't get paint in your hair if you hairdo wasn't so big).

before i left, i moved most of the boxes of equipment that use to be on the kitchen floor into the hallway closet (my father, who was at the house briefly earlier, helped me detape the hallway and the closet). tomorrow being trash day, i relocated some trash outside, including the large organic origami blobs of rosen paper that use to cover the bedroom floors. not without a photo though. nothing leaves the house unless it's been properly photodocumented and identified and filed away for future reference.

and tonight's episode of star trek: enterprise, the blurb reads "the sexual tension between archer and t'pol ignites!" this ain't your daddy's star trek! every episode features some titillating scene guaranteed to make any fan of star trek squeal with childish delight over seeing something "naughty" on television. it usually features jolene blalock, who plays vulcan subcommander t'pol, and who's one of only two main actresses on the show (the other being linda park, who gets her own fair share of exposure). tonight's episode starts off with a three way "decontamination" rubdown which is essentially an excuse to see the characters in their underwear rubbing each other with decontamination oils, all lit softly in this soothing blue light. did i mention the scene also had a beagle dog as a 4th participant? and then there was that dream sequence (oh those naughty dream sequences!) of captain archer (scott bakula), you can just use your imagination as to what went on there.