today i sucked it up and finally finished taping the trims: the windows of the living room, the hallway closet, the hallway, and the guest bedroom. took about 4 hours. this means after some cleaning, i can start painting the trims, and after they're dried, the floors of those rooms can be uncovered and i can move in. it will happen with very little fanfare. the first things to be moved will be all my books, my clothes, and my computer and television. that's pretty much all i have anyway. i'll then start moving the little things. bear in mind that my kitchen and bathroom still need to have *everything* done to them, cleaning, priming, color coating. but that shouldn't hold me back from moving in.

before i went to the house i filled the motorcycle with gasoline and went to home depot to buy some more blue tape. it was hot (i was dressed up in motorcycle wear) and i got stuck in one of those slow moving line, and as soon as i switched to another line, the line i was in before started to move and i was stuck in another slow moving line. for lunch i had corn pops cereal and later i cooked up what's left of my package of sausages. instead of cooking them over the stove, i threw into them in the toaster oven set on broil. no plastic handle to melt, no scary gas flame to worry about. out of the blue, another potential job opportunity just landed in my lap (no, it's not the modeling gig, it's lingo related). i've been pretty fortunate with work all my life, opportunities just present themselves, or at most with little effort. i don't make the big bucks, but i save and i make ends me. trust me, it's not because of any sort of immense talent or skills that i find work. it's all about luck. i'll have more details next week. i left my house and rode to harvard square to run some errands. deposited some checks, bought some stamps. i went to cvs to get one of my prescriptions filled but the line was immense so i decided to come back tomorrow.

there's still a lot of things to eat in my belmont backyard. tomatoes are still bearing fruit. those left too long on the plants form ugly looking cracks. i'm not much of a tomatoes man. in a salad, in a sandwich, it's always the last thing i eat if at all. i used to be a big tomato eater though. slices of tomatoes dipped in sugar, or a tomato with a dried chinese prune. what's the nutritional value of tomatoes anyway? a check of my visual food guide informs me they're a good source of vitamin c and potassium. i guess they're not bad after all. elsewhere in the garden is the fennel forest. originally thought to be just an annual, it came as a surprise when they survived the winter to come back even stronger the second season. it's mostly seeds now, but fennel seeds - which taste exactly like licorice for those who don't know - can be used for flavoring. maybe instead of candy i can just leave out a tray of fennel seeds for the trick or treaters on october 31st. then there's of course the vines of concord grapes growing on what use to be a children's jungle gym. like tomatoes, i'm not a big fan of concord grapes, i find them too small and they all have seeds. the flavor though, when they're ripe, isn't so bad. i usually grab a handful and chew them up before spitting them out.

signs of autumn: the honks of canada geese and their distinctive v-formation flight pattern flying overhead. heading south for the winter, although the direction they were flying was towards the southwest. that makes sense though, if they flew directly south they'd be in the ocean. the ferns are still green, which means we haven't experienced any serious frost yet, otherwise they'd be all dead.

verizon canceled my dsl access due to some billing error on their part and they won't reinstate the connection until i've talked with a billing person, which after being on hold for an hour, i was told said person would call me either in less than 24 hours or at the very least 24 hours or more. after they put me back up i'm switching to earthlink dsl. verizon can kiss my ass.

anyway, content forthcoming...(like, tomorrow maybe)