i was on my way to logan airport this morning to pick up my sister from her china trip when i got a call from her on my cellphone saying that her connecting flight from new york city to boston would be delayed because of the bad weather. i turned the car around and went back to belmont. once i got her new flight information, i went to cambridge to do some work. today's weather was cold and rainy, not conducive for paint work, so instead i opted to do some taping. when i went to remove the old tape from the ceiling in the hallway closet, i actually ripped off some paint from the wall. doh! i think it had something to do with how i was taping off the tape, straight down instead of at an angle. i ended up having to repair the affect areas with some retaping and repainting.

i drove down to the airport around noontime, navigating the "choose your own adventure" logan labyrinth. my sister was arriving on a delta flight, but i accidently went to the delta shuttle pickup gates. luckily we both had cellphones and could convey our locations to one another via the sweet world of wireless communication. she was at terminal c, i was at terminal b, we met on the top level of the central parking lot connecting the two terminals.

my sister was in china helping a friend of hers secure one of those china babies for adoption. there were a lot of other families in the group, over there to receive their adopted child.

china babies - china girls more precisely - seem to be the latest rage these days. is it really that hard to adopt an american baby versus going overseas? i guess here in the US the process takes so long because the adoption agencies want to make sure the parents are fit to adopt, but the rules are much more lax in places like china, which is good and bad, because certainly these adopted girls will grow up here in america in a home that wants them with better education and health care and standard of living, yet at the same time i think it's a bad thing because they're uprooted from their culture to be raised in a new world alien to them and because the rules are lax i wonder if there are cases of unsuitable parents adopting china babies. my sister showned me the souvenir collector's barbie doll the chinese adoption agency gave to all the parents, a special limited edition china baby barbie doll entitled "going home" with a disclaimer at the bottom of the box saying "this is not a toy." my sister got me a set of hors d'oeuvre forks in the shapes of a head of cabbage and a dragon fruit.

after dropping off my sister in belmont i returned to cambridge, where i met klea, who was in town from new york city moving out the rest of her stuff from her somerville home. it was her first time at my new place, one home owner to another, so we spoke the common language of property ownership. klea was most impressed with the hold house woodworkings and said i could get a lot of money for the pine floorboards throughout the house. while chatting in the dining room area of the kitchen, i briefly saw a black-and-white warbler perched outside on the wooden porch. i gave klea a copy of director, which seems to be a very popular these days, since i gave drake a copy as well when he came over. after klea left to go back to her place to continue packing, i messed around a little bit more at the house before i left as well.