i drove my parents to logan airport this morning at 6am. actually, my father drove the car, i sat in the back trying to adjust to being awake so early. if you haven't been to logan airport recently, besides all the security precautions (like not being able to drive right next to the gates themselves, but a protective covered barrier), the airport is being renovated and it's even more mazelike than before. i'm glad i don't do much flying, that place has become quite surreal. my parents got out of the car with their suitcases and i drove the car back home.

instead of going back to bed, i worked for an hour on my freelance project before getting a few more hours of sleep. i woke up at noon and worked another hour before going out with a list of errands to run. i had to first bring the new microwave and toaster oven my grandmother bought for me last night to my place. there was a metermaid at the end of my street and i forgot my visitor parking permit, so it was a race against time to bring everything inside before driving off. i probably shouldn't have anything to fear though, i live so close to the cambridge-somerville border that in the months that i've parked there "illegally", i've yet to get a ticket. next, went to this paper/styrofoam containers warehouse on somerville avenue in somerville (next to market basket) to buy some plates for the cafe. after delivering them to my grandmother and aunt at the cafe, i had lunch there (beef soup noodle), before going to the cambridge savings bank on huron avenue to cash in my sister's unemployment check. i had to fake her endorsement signature on the back of the check and it felt weird using her atm card and pin number to get into her account. everytime i pressed a button it'd beep, but i'd hear somebody behind me beeping as well. i ignore it at first, but then it got really annoying so i spun around, only to come face to face with this old man waiting to use the atm machine, standing almost right next to me, watching me while i enter my numbers. i frowned and exhaled in shocked disgust, accidently blowing a snot bubble, which totally diffused my anger and transformed it in red faced embarassment. i quickly finished up and left.

i went and visited julie at a women's clothing outlet store on pleasant street in belmont. it's lisa spagnoli's new shop, a mutual acquaintance of ours from the days of screen house. julie was minding the store for a day because lisa had a rhode island wedding to go to. i stuck around until she closed up at 6pm, and also drove down to arlington center to pick up her pad thai order from sweet chili. she was basically stuck there at the store the whole day by herself, couldn't easy leave to go to the bathroom or take a lunch break. not really sure if it would've been too big a problem to leave the store unattended though, belmont's not known for its high crime rate, and probably most residents don't even lock their front doors at nights. surprisingly, there were a lot of people visiting the place, all women of course, i was the first and only male visitor of the day. before she closed, julie tried on this pink/orange crushed silk dress, which she bought from the store at a discount and wore with her to rhode island when she left.

i returned to belmont, where after some lazy television watching in bed i fell asleep, waking up a few hours later to forage for food. i ate the rest of the toaster oven chicken wings i cooked from yesterday. close to midnight i received a call from dan asking if i was still interested in seeing the midnight showing of bring it on at the coolidge corner theatre in brookline. minutes later i was out the door, racing to pick up dan in allston (once again very busy with young people on a friday night) and to get to the theatre.

the turnout wasn't as large as it was for the story of ricky last friday. what the audience lacked in quantity it more than made up for in quality though, as groups of people came dressed up as cheerleaders, girls and boys alike.

before the movie started, they'd get up on the stage and perform little cheers for the crowd. the fans of bring it on are definitely more fun loving than ricky oh fans! it was crazy once the film started, people were singing along and talking back to the screen, occasionally pompoms would be shaken in the air when something particularly exciting was happening in the movie. the day before i'd been watching my copy of bring it on on dvd, this time with the directory commentary on, so i knew all the little secrets of the film. the nth time watching this movie, and on the big screen no less, i was able to pick up some more details i've never noticed before. like in missy's car (eliza dushku), she has a lara croft action figure on the dashboard. in the scene where torrance first meets cliff, in the background you can see a teacher dragging a student to be disciplined. and the color of torrance's bedroom? that's the green i'm thinking about painting my living room, i believe it's benjamin moore's apple green.

new favorite song: "bouncin' back" by robert cray