i woke up at 6am this morning, after having slept for only 3 hours, to drive down to rhode island to teach gaylen from ideagraphics, a friend of zach's, a thing or two about director. this would be my first time in rhode island. kind of hard to believe, having lived in the boston area for over 2 decades, that i've never set foot in rhode island. i've driven by it numerous times, enroute to new york or whatnot, but i've never visited our neighbor to the south.

i arrived early for our appointment (scheduled for 8am), so i sat outside in the car reading my book until it was showtime. when i went inside, after the obligatory introduction, it was time for me to teach some director. a mini-crisis was adverted when gaylen's trial version of director 8.5 just happened to expire today. i told her to roll the system date back, which solved the problem. i was improvising pretty much throughout most of it, i thought about having something more structured, but didn't have time to prepare anything. i had my director in a nutshell book as a safety blanket, but never used it. at noon we had lunch, and continued the training a little bit more. by 2pm, we'd covered a lot of ground and decided to call it a day. i was paid for my 6 hours of servitude plus the my 2 hours worth of commuting time to and from rhode island. not bad! i bid them good bye, with a handshake agreement that i might possibly help them with some director freelance if they should need it at some future date.

i like teaching. it's kind of a thrill, being in a position of power, a position of knowledge, sharing that information with others, helping them learn something new. i wouldn't mind being a teacher of some kind, i could picture myself easily going down that career path.

and what was my impression of the state of rhode island? (east providence to be exact, that's where i was.) i didn't leave the office all day except to go back to boston. not sure if i really got a taste of rhode island. maybe some other time. there's got to be more with rhode island than just a novelty state.

going back home, i got stuck in some bumper to bumper traffic on I-95, followed by some more congestion on I-93 nearing boston. i had my tunes, my air conditioning, i wasn't in a hurry to get anywhere, and eventually i got home, just as soon as it started to rain. for some reason i was really tired (maybe that 3 hours of sleep last night plus all that driving had something to do with it), i don't even remember what happened, but i found myself taking a nap soon afterwards, completely passed out in bed.

note: radio silence for a few days, going down to the hamptons for some f-u-n this weekend!