the month of june can be summed up like this: in one week my old company the screen house finally went out of business, i closed on my house, and then a few days later i got laid off from my job. the following week, somebody tried to break into my bank account and my money (what little i have) is temporarily locked in credit protection limbo. i also did some cool stuff though, like attend the secret gardens of cambridge (my future home town), saw some boston improv, went on that crazy day trip to cape cod with ms.julie lepage, saw cherish with eliza, and was able to squeeze into some old tight pants that i couldn't fit into before, a sign that my fat ass isn't all that fat anymore.

next month, i hope i can secure some contractor time to finally fix up my new place so i can move in! maybe i'll also meet my upstairs neighbor. next month will also be a month of unemployment (i don't expect to land a job as immediate as when i was first laid off, a record breaking time of just two short weeks of joblessness before i started working at srm) and hopefully i can brush up on some old unused skills and do some job hunting.

i woke up around 9am to turn on the television to see brazil winning the world cup. i turned the tv off and went back to bed. i didn't wake up until 12pm. from that point on i don't remember what i was doing. i might've been doing some computer stuff, i might've been watching tv, i might've taken a shower, i might've been eating lunch. it wasn't interesting, whatever it was. then i got a call from shannon, and i motorcycled to my place in cambridge where i met her and her dog anezka to chat about condo hunting amongst other things. shannon becomes the 7th person to ever visit my place, and anezka becomes the very first dog. anezka kept herself busy by running around in the perennial garden, barking at squirrels, and occasionally coming back to us on the deck for some more personal attention. also at the condo i did some imaginary furniture placements, armed with new measurements, i was trying to think of the best spot to put a queen size and a twin size bed.

dinner, i went to amarin (thai) outside of watertown square with my parents and sister. past few days i've sort of lost my appetite (maybe it's the string of hot weather we've been experiencing here in the boston area) but i ate well at amarin. some satays, some tom yum guy soup, and i ordered this black pepper chicken curry that was flavored with cashew nuts, mango, and some other spices. tasty, but i still prefer the flavor of the red curry, a thai classic. at the restaurant i was fascinated by the arrangement of recessed lights on the ceiling. i'm so focused on interior architectural details these days, every little thing gives me some idea for my own place.

then later tonight my godmother came by to give me a house warming gift in the form of cash. likewise, last sunday, when my aunt stopped by the condo, she too gave me some house warming money as well. that money will either be used to pay off another month's mortgage, or i'll use it to buy that dream couch i've always wanted! i'm glad i didn't cash the check my aunt gave me last week, otherwise there'd be just enough money in my fleet account for that credit thief to steal my money without anyone noticing. thank god i'm good about procrastinating when it comes to depositing checks.