i'm not going to pretend, but i didn't like the movie. it ran longer than it should've. i thought the movie could've ended as soon as the precogs' prediction about tom cruise came true. and all those product placements? i felt dirty afterwards, like steven spielberg sold out his audience to the powers of big corporations. the original philip k. dick short story, which i read, it could've been done as an half hour twilight zone episode. it was interesting, but wasn't long enough to be a movie. some critics were comparing this movie to bladerunner. that movie was a far better film than minority report. bladerunner was a movie ahead of its time, a smart movie that requires the viewer to figure out what's going on. minority report, like many hollywood movies, assumes the audience isn't that bright, and makes a point to explain the elaborate plot through a series of flashback narrations.

for me, the film was essentially eye candy. the effects are definitely cool, offering an enticing view of our possible future. maybe i expected too much from spielberg. i did like a.i., even though i think it too ran way longer than necessary, explained too much, and retrofitted a happy ending for the sake of having a happy ending. that's how minority report is.

i had a bout of insomnia last night. not sure what triggered it, but maybe the fact that i had to wake up this morning to go gather up my stuff from the office was a major reason. i went to bed at 2am but i didn't go to sleep until 5am. i could see the sky outside gradually getting lighter. i even woke up in the middle of the night to do some reading because i couldn't fall asleep. i rarely get insomnia since i get so little sleep as it is.

i woke up and drove to the office at 9am. i was shocked to see moving trucks parked outside the upstairs office. my immediate thought was that the company wasted no time in relocating everybody who was still upstairs to downstairs. when i went into the building however, i realized it was only the company next to ours that was moving. i also couldn't get into the office. i knew people were inside because i could see the light underneath the door, but no amount of pounding could get their attention. i had already returned my keys on friday. finally i had to call michael on my cellphone and get him to let me in. moving was a simple matter of carrying the few boxes of stuff i had already assembled from friday afternoon. after i did that i relocated the car to a metered parking spot a few blocks down the street, because i didn't want to get a $50 ticket parking in front of a fire hydrant. then i came back to the office and copied off all my personal files from both the mac and the pc. marcella was providing us with details about collecting our unemployment benefits. luckily i caught this conversation otherwise i would've never known that i had to sign some paperwork if i wanted to collect my severance package. that manila folder that i had received on friday (the one that has all this important paperwork), i was just going to toss it with the rest of my office stuff and throw it in the basement, never to take another look at it.

amanda was back in the office. she received news of her lay off today because she was in st.louis on friday. carrie was there as well, moving out her stuff, and later eliza showed up briefly. we got a chance to say good bye to both paula and christine, who weren't in the office on the day they announced layoffs. with our moving done, we drove to porter square and got burritos from anna's taqueria. i invited amanda and carrie back to my new house, to show them the place, and to eat our food and chat. carrie and amanda marks the 3rd and 4th persons to have seen my place (besides members of my family). they loved the light fixture in the living room and the pink kitchen walls. we ate outside on the deck, the numerous trees providing us with abundant shade on this warm and sunny day.

by afternoon i was back in belmont. i called ups to schedule a pickup today for my broken nikon 950 and i contacted the highway department to swing by the house to pick up pieces of the broken branch. a few hours later i was venturing out again to harvard square, where i took some infrared photography on this sunny blue sky day.

after wandering harvard square a little bit more, i headed into boston to meet up with dan at fenway 13 to get a ticket to tonight's movie, minority report. i was 10 minutes late to the theatre, but no harm no foul. we walked to buteco (130 jersey street), that little hidden brazilian restaurant in boston. the first and last time we ate here, i had some bad reaction to my dinner. we were joined momentarily by eric beacom on his bicycle. the three of us ordered without joel, who arrived when we were eating our main course. his roommate darren came soon afterwards. i had the beef stew, which sort of resembled curry in the way it's eaten, pouring this meat dish on top of my rice and black beans.

during the movie this guy sitting in front of us had his cellphone go off. as if that wasn't bad enough, he picked it up and started having a conversation with whomever on the other end. eric and i both took turns kicking the back of his chair to get him to shut up, which he finally did.

after the movie, i got a ride from joel back to cambridge. i gave him a noctural tour of the house. i was surprised to see that my upstairs neighbor wasn't home. where could he be, i'm curious (i'm nosy). joel becomes the 5th person to visit, and the latest person thus far to be at the house (10pm). he thought the pink kitchen walls were too feminine and said the outside deck and backyard area would be a good place to hang out. with the house tour over, i got a ride to harvard square, where i returned to belmont.

my days feel weird. without this structure of work in my life (as eliza jones commented about), each day is new and different, which can be a little tedious at times. at least with work, you become accustomed to it, know what to expect for most of the days. now, each day is a surprise, i'm not sure what's in store for me, i sort of let the day takes me to wherever it wants to go. funny how i should arrive at this conclusion having only spent one official day of unemployment! (i didn't count the weekend).