tonight i finished return to castle wolfenstein. came face to face with heinrich, the final boss, ran around and shot at him with every single gun i had until he exploded. with that little bit of business out of the way, my life can go back to its nonviolent normalcy.

the cherries are turning red. i don't expect to eat any of them though. the ones that are good will of course be stolen by birds and squirrels. the ones that are bad, the ones that are either shriveled up or diseased, those i can't eat.

the bamboos continue its scarily accelerated growth spurt. just four days ago they were my height, now they're 7-8 feet tall. they look pretty in the rain though.

bamboo in
the rain

4 days ago...

it's cold today! low 50's with a strong chilly wind. feels like the beginning of spring, not the near official start of summer! but i rather have it be rainy and cold instead of rainy and humid. it's kind of cool this way, i still sleep with the windows opened, all snug in my blanket on the bed. i woke up late this morning, 1pm, but only because i slept late last night, 5am. i had weird dreams. i dreamed that i worked in a small company of 6 as a designer, the office a windowless underground bunker, with two women bosses whom i didn't know but looked vaguely familiar somehow. i woke up confused, wasn't sure whether i was still in my dream or not.

i have a library book due today but i'm too lazy to get myself to the biblioteca. i already have an existing fine, what's another one? besides, it's money for the library, money well spent.