this morning before work i made a quick stop in central square to drop off some mortgage documents at the cambridgeport bank. 12 more days before closing. maybe i should start packing soon. something to do this weekend.

when the day was over i found myself alone in the office with todd, burning off cd's while everybody else was on there way to enjoying a nice weekend. don't worry about me, i love it when people assume i'm willing to be the designated closer. i don't have feelings, i'm just the programmer. it goes without saying that once again i was too busy to eat lunch today. i felt my ears burning, which is this sensation i get when i am not happy.

seething with a ripening anger, the world could go to hell for all i cared. i calmed down a bit, tried blocking out my emotions and focusing on the task at hand. feeling disgruntled wasn't going to solve my problems, soon it'd be over and i will have nothing to look forward to but a bright yet uncertain future.

today was barbara's last day at the office, it passed without much fanfare. i didn't see much of her today, as i was confined upstairs most of the time with work. her departure is a sure sign that the project is finally drawing to a close. it is both a good thing and a bad thing.

when i finally left the office, i went to davis square where i ordered some wings from wing works and met up with manny. we returned to his place to eat, and despite only ordering 10 medium wings for myself, i found it hard to eat them all, even though i didn't eat all day. each wing is a meal in itself really, wings 9 and 10 i sort of just gnawed at and then threw away in disgust. later we watched game 2 of the nets-lakers series. lakers won again, they're now up 2-0. i almost fell asleep towards the end, having only slept for 4 hours last night*. with nothing planned for tomorrow, tonight i'm going to have a nice long uninterrupted sleep.

* caught a little bit of jesus' son (1999) on hbo, where i heard my new favorite song "sweat pea" by tommy roe. then on cinemax i saw a little bit of xchange (2000), a futuristic thriller about the novelty of switching bodies. i ended my evening by reading "the emperor's old bones" by gemma files, a great little piece of horror writing.