i spent the day thinking of ultracool witty sayings but then promptly forgetting them all because i didn't write anything down. i came to work without my camera, felt powerless, prayed all day that nothing kodak moment worthy should happen and i wouldn't be able to document it. i am obsessed with recording the details of my life. what's the point, you ask? if i record it, no matter how boring a day might be, at least that day will be captured, remembered, not wasted, not forgotten. can you tell me what you were doing 66 days ago? well, i can, and with photographic documentation to boot. it'a an autobiography in progress, every day i write another page.

today was a humid day, the kind of day that leaves handrails sticky with condensation. despite the humidity though, it didn't rain at all. that's the second day in a row where we had pretty good weather and i end up regretting not motorcycling into work. pros and cons i suppose. when i bike i can get home faster and i have a lot more fun, but when i ride the t, i get to people watch. it's amazing, boston isn't that big a city, a few million people, but i've been riding the t for the longest time and i can probably only pick out a handful of familiar faces. everyone else, every single day, 99.9% of them, are faces new to me. or maybe there are just so many, i can't remember them all, even if i have seen them before. i'm fascinated by that. every day a random pattern of people in a new configuration. i'd love to play urban naturalist and tag a group of people, and just see how over time, do their paths ever cross.

i had some time today to finally make a call to my mortgage lender asking her a bunch of questions about what other documentations i need before the closing date, exactly two weeks from today, june 19th. i camped outside the biogen campus, sprawled out on a wooden park bench, mortgage papers everywhere, me bent over, bracing myself with my elbows, one hand on the cellphone, the other hand taking down notes.

during lunch, there would be no repeat performance of yesterday's day of fasting, i wasn't so busy that i wasn't able to go out and forage for food. after cashing in my ebates check at the kendall square fleet bank branch, i decided to hop the red line on a whim and go into downtown crossing, where i grabbed a small beef sandwich from chacarero and hurried back to work.

after work i went running. the last time i went running was last thursday, when i ran 5 miles with julie. i needed to run because i've been feeling particularly unhealthy the past few days. some people run to stay slim. i run to stay alive. everytime i don't feel well, i crank up the exercise dial. it was an awful run. i'd like to blame the humidity, but i know it's really my lack of running. once a week isn't going to cut it for me, i'm not going to see any results. i need to go back to my schedule, back to my every other day running regimen. maybe i need a new running outfit. or new sneakers. i need to spice up my routine somehow, to keep myself motivated. it's especially hard when i run by myself. in the past i might've liked it more, because i can go at my own pace, but nowadays, going at my own pace is just walking around the charles. today, i ran about a mile before i started to have some serious cramps, so i slowed to a walk. i started running again when i got to the mass ave bridge, and after about another mile, i stopped for good, walking the rest of the way back. thinking that the footbridge connecting the charles river path to the longfellow bridge was still closed, i crossed storrow drive via a skywalk and took the long way home along beacon hill's edge. when i made it to longfellow, that's where i saw the footpath was still closed by enough people had tampered with the chain-linked fence that anyone could just walk through.

then earlier tonight i was browsing the craiglist, looking for cheap used furnitures to buy in order to furnish my soon-to-be new condo with. bed, mattress, sofa, coffee table, dinner table, chairs, tv stand, bookshelves, dresser, dishes, utensils - just to name a few things. i've never bought furniture before. the only furnishing i've ever bought would be a $100+ desk lamp, back in the days when my money was incendiary. there's a whole new weird and expensive world i'm entering in. suddenly i find myself dogearing copies of the pottery barn and the crate and barrel catalogs. i also casually drifted into the jobs listing section, just to see what kind of stuff is out there. it was educational, to say the least. i need to brush up on some old skills and in some cases pick up on some new skills in order to stay competitive.