it's been a weird past couple of days. last weekend i saw two people who use to work at my company (john and mandy), and this week four people left (alex and matthew, now klea and zac). i feel like i'm living in this limbo world where i don't know who i'm still working with. today was klea's last day. it was about two months ago that she started working freelance at my company. though we didn't actually physically work in the same office (she was downstairs, i was upstairs), we were on the same project, and i never thought that one day we'd be reunited at work.

for lunch, a group of us went down to the trucks to get food. david and julie joined us, a rare sight to see them on this side of town, newbies to the ways of the food trucks. we sat on the grass next to the trucks, a humid spring day a few degrees shy of 90. we were all either former or existing screen house employees except for amanda. the topic du jour was where in maine amanda should take her missouri friends to go eat the best lobsters this memorial day weekend.

klea and
eliza hoover


dave & julie

klea & amanda

todd & eliza

eliza & reba

zac & barbara
when we came back from lunch, we had a project meeting which was actually a little farewell party for klea and zac. barbara made this tasty unidentifiable dish that we had with vanilla ice cream. i said a few words about the departing zac and klea, and then rebecca crashed our party to reminense about the good old screen house days, particularly about the screen house prom, an event that i did not participate in because i had already been laid off by that time, but i've heard all the good stories. i always get a little uncomfortable when we xtshers talk about the good old days, amongst ourselves it's okay, but with other people who don't share our collective memories, i'm sometimes afraid they might be jealous or feel bad about their own work experiences. that whole dotcom period of my life, those were crazy times!

after work eliza jones and i went running again. neither of us felt particularly well, despite having hydrated more so than wednesday's run. something about the weather, too hot, too humid, not very conducive to pretty little runs. i felt sluggish, i felt overheated, i felt exhausted. eliza got a new blister on her heel from the run, stopping to pull out her supports and readjust her sneakers. we used the stairs leading up the longfellow bridge even thought it was closed for construction. we hopped two chainlinked fences and had to negotiate a dangerous 3 story tall obstacle course. i almost didn't make it, one of my legs wouldn't swing over and i felt my back muscles being twisted in wrong directions. i heard cars honking, watching the risky spectacle. we then walked back to the office, too defeated to do anymore running.

back at the office, we locked up and left with paula. paula via rollerblades, eliza via mbta, and me via motorcycle. storm clouds rolled in and the sky was getting dark. i quickly got home, still wearing my sunglasses even though it was getting hard to see. i try not to wear the goggles unless i have to, they make me look bugeyed.