today was matthew's last day. a farewell card went around earlier, and then late afternoon we had some carvel ice cream cake. the ice cream almost came out of my nose when somebody said "fudgie the whale." good stuff this carvel, especially the layer of chocolate crunchies. so, matthew's gone. matthew, whom many will say was the funniest person working at srm. matthew, who was a walking encyclopedia of musical knowledge, who was in a band (just like buckaroo banzai), and who watched a lot of the same shows and movies i did. i've seen many people come and go in my days, but this is one of those times where i just have to pause, take a moment to appreciate all the fond memories and to realize what a loss this is for the company.

we are almost there! with just days left before the project deadline, i can slowly start to sense the end, starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel for lack of a better cliché. i wonder what my life will be like after it's all over? i guess i'll find out in another week or so.

today was motorcycle riding weather. going back home, i was jealous of the people lounging around the banks of the charles river in the warm late afternoon sun. i wished i could've been doing that instead of being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on memorial drive on my motorcycle. but once the traffic cleared and i had nothing but open road in front of me, i quickly lost my feeling of jealousy as a sped home.

i got home pretty early today and was finally able to see the opened anemones. i was so excited, i must've taken 40 photos of the flowers. once again, photos can't do them justice. they remind of small purplish-blue translucent wine goblets. they look like they'd smell nice, but as hard i tried, i couldn't sniff out any fragrance.

iris bulbs

ladybug hiding
in grapeleaf

hosta stalks

layers of

next month, purple irises, blue delphiniums, and orange poppies! if you love colors, you can't help but feel passionate about flowers!