during lunch i went to the mall to grab good bye cards for matthew and alex. i then went to the truck to get some chili with rice and spent a few minutes filling out the cards in the mit park. later i called one of my mortgage broker to ask him about the latest rates (he wasn't there, i left a message). back at the office, i exchanged presents with amanda, she gave me a wisconsin keychain and pen, i gave her a vinyl ninja figurine i vended from a machine in new york city chinatown. i also gave eliza jones her present, a porcelain fortune kitty, because she's a cat person who needed some cheering up.

after work a lot of people were going down to kendall cafe to have drinks and wish alex and matthew a fond farewell. originally i planned on going, but since i had to be in chinatown by 6pm and i still had some residual foot pains from this past weekend, i had to skip the after work social gathering. i made it to chinatown where i met manny for korean bbq at the apollo grille. manny didn't go to work today because he was out getting oral surgery to remove the crowns in his front teeth and to install a dental bridge. despite being hopped up on painkillers and unable to use the front part of his mouth, he still came out to dinner. we ordered a plate of bulgogi (beef), chicken, and pork. we ordered way too much meat, and afterwards i felt kind of sick.

we went to the boston common theatre to catch star wars 2. this was my second time watching the movie, the first time this past weekend in nyc at the ziegfield digital theatre. having fallen asleep towards the end of the movie when i first saw it a few days ago, i vowed to stay awake during the parts i missed. i managed to do that, but unfortunately i fell asleep during parts of the beginning this second time around. so that right away should say something about star wars 2. interesting enough to put me right to sleep, and i've never fallen asleep during a movie theatre movie before. it actually wasn't the movie, more the fact that last night i got about 4 hours of sleep, and this whole weekend i didn't get very much sleep either. i'm operating on fumes here and all i want to do is to crash my head into a soft pillow and fall unconscious.

with the movie minutes away from being over, suddenly lights were flashing inside the screening room and a recorded woman's voice calmly told us to exit the building, that this was an emergency. we waited outside as the traffic was blocked off and police, firetrucks, and ambulances assembled outside the theatre, with a thick perimeter of disgruntled moviegoers standing around them. manny and i waited and when the emergency turned out to be a false alarm, an usher with a bullhorn told everyone that they'd exchange a free open ticket for our original ticket stub. once we got our refund tickets, we left.

manny took the red line to davis square, i got off at harvard square.