i went with eliza hoover to get food from the trucks and then i walked to the edge of the charles river to have my lunch (eliza wasn't able to join me, she had to get back to work). they were out of mango chicken salad which confused me and i ended up getting the thai peanut chicken, which is so thick that it's totally unsuitable for consumption on a warm spring day like today. after i ate less than half of my food, i made a call to one of my mortgage lenders to talk about rates. once again i was talking loudly and spewing forth numbers here and there, becoming the kind of cell phone using person i most despise. after that bit of business, i leaned back to enjoy the weather for a few more minutes before i gathered up my stuff and headed back to the office, tossing the leftover food into a trash can.

the ice cream truck is back! carrie alerted me late afternoon and i raced down to get a soft serve ice cream cone (small cone, $1.25). it felt like summer, basking in the south facing sun, sitting outside and eating ice cream. today was the perfect day for the truck to return. i think maybe they were all hiding somewhere watching the weather channel, planning their comeback, waiting for that one warm day that will make everyone stumble out of their cozy air conditioned offices and wish for something cold and sweet.

today was anuj's last day. he'd been with us since the end of last year as a freelance programmer. this company has a weird way of saying good bye to employees, staff and freelancers alike. anuj had to sent out an e-mail himself telling everyone today was his last day. no party, no speech, just a few handshakes and a quiet departure. this being a small world, i'm sure our paths will cross again sooner or later.

julie lepage and i went running after work. having just gone yesterday, i knew i wouldn't be able to run very fast, but the only way to get back into running shape is to actually run, so all day long i was hydrating myself, drinking glasses of water. there were points during the run when i felt crampy, but it was very mild and i didn't have to stop because of it. i definitely run faster when i run solo since i have nobody to pace myself with, which is bad because i end up expending all my energy in the beginning. but i just like running very fast, even if it's for short distances. that's the few seasons of high school track talking, where i did short distance sprints. the charles river was crowded, but it was nice to see the college coeds and the topless men making a return to the river. the path up to the longfellow bridge was still closed, so julie and i did an extra 2 miles down to the museum of science and back. we stopped so julie could vend a can of ice tea from the machines besides the state police station. we actually wandered behind the museum of science hoping there'd be a scenic path but it just led to a dead end. that area of the charles river is packed with duck tour boats, because that's the point where the duck tour goes from land vehicle to water boat. almost back to civilization we bumped into kevin kayne. didn't i mention earlier what a small world it is?

what can be better than a good run on a warm spring day? how about a good motorcycle ride on a warm spring day? i sped home on the bike, the atmosphere the right temperature so the air felt like an extension of my own skin. despite the fact that there were some dark clouds overhead which threatened rain, it was all show. i was wearing my sunglasses when the sky started to get darker, unwilling to switch to my goggles. but when the sky cleared up, the setting sun bathed the landscape in a pleasant golden hue, and i imagined myself riding off into the sunset as i came home.

i came home and raced into the backyard to see if i could catch an opened anemone. no such luck. i probably won't be able to see one until next week.

the 60GB IDE hard drive i'd ordered earlier in the week arrived today. after dinner i installed it into my G4. i'm about to reiterate the gory details so look away if you don't want to read this: i had a 10GB drive that came with my original G4 and a 30GB drive. i removed the 30GB and added the 60GB, making sure i set the dip switches to the correct configuration. i then copied everything that was on the 10GB on the 60GB, which i had partitioned into two 30GB pieces. i them removed the 10GB and put back the 30GB. i copied the entire content of the single 30GB drive onto a 30GB partition, then i reformatted the single 30GB and partitioned it into three 10GB blocks. i then copied system folders and apps and files back onto the single 30GB. that 10GB i placed in the 7500, removing the damaged SCSI 4GB drive, which was the originally reason for getting the 60GB in the first place. whew! like one of those puzzles where you have to pour water into different jugs in order to get a certain amount!

because of hard drive shuffling and because i had to pack for my new york city trip this weekend, i didn't play any return to castle wolfenstein tonight. it won't be until monday night when i can return to my nazi killing.