so that's it. my work week is officially over. i don't have to work this weekend, and i even left the office at a reasonable hour. the day sort of ended with a whimper. usually some crisis happens at the last minute before we deliver, and it's a mad scramble to find a quick solution. usually our backs are against the wall as we run out the clock. but none of those things happened today. and because they didn't happen, it felt strange. it know it's unhealthy, i know it's sick, but once you take away my weekend work and my extended hours, i kind of miss them. at least work gives me a sense of purpose. at least i'm never bored, just tired and stressed and disgruntled. i am not a workaholic, but i can easily play one on tv.

on the days i motorcycle to work, i am in a good mood. today was such a day. the temperature was a gorgeous 70 degrees and probably anyone with a motorcycle was out riding it. i bumped into a bunch of bikers on the road, we exchanged a lot of secret waves and hellos. i am experiencing a little bit of that motorcycle envy though. coming home i was tailing this big badass biker on his big badass harley, and i admired the way he set off car alarms when he rode by and revved his throttle. if i had the money to buy another motorcycle though, i'd get a car instead. a car is a luxurious mode of transportation compared to a motorcycle. but sometimes you don't want to travel in a cage, sometimes you yearn for the kind of freedom that can only be experienced astride a two wheeled dead machine traveling so fast your helmet almost rips off your head.

i broke down today and got the office lunch. not because i didn't want to go outside, but because i didn't have time, i was too busy. ham and provolone sandwich, i only ate half, wrapped up the rest and threw it into the refridgerator. office lunch is very utilitarian, i eat it only as a source of nourishment, i derive no joy out of its consumption.

i've been thinking about vacations lately. i want to find someplace else exotic to visit. either that, or drive cross country. that seems like the patriotic thing to do. why spend my vacation money in a foreign land when i can just spend it all here at home in the united states? much of this country i have never seen before. i've only been to cities on the east and west coast. southern u.s. and all of the midwest, they might as well be far off mythical lands. i've also been thinking about central and southern america (latin america). i'd really love to go to costa rica, with all that nature, photo opportunities everywhere.

new flowers in the backyard! the anenomes (windflowers) are blooming! the photos i've posted doesn't do them justice, they're not purple, they're more bluish. right now they look like little blue roses, but eventually they'll open up into cuplike flowers. i'm really surprised they came out. back in november when i planted them, the tubers looked like rocks, i didn't think they were even alive. but my faith in nature has been renewed! they are my new favorite flowers. the ferns and hosta are also coming out nicely. i love how ferns emerge from the ground as green curly tendrils and then they unfurl into fronds. the two clumps of wisteria flowers continue to bloom. the colors are little off, very pale. the wisterias i've seen are a deep purple. it might have something to do with the soil condition.