i'm happy to report that i've returned to my calm state tonight. whatever fire i had from yesterday seems to be gone now. it took a while to finally get here. all day long the feeling of discontent was still very strong. hungry, i grabbed an orange juice and an onion creme cheese bagel from the harvard station dunkin' donuts. i didn't want a threepeat performance of what's been the happening the past two days, where i work the whole day on an empty stomach. at the office i had my two hour morning meeting to go over my 40+ bug fixes, then i marched upstairs, making sure to avoid as many people as possible, for their safety and mine. you have to realize that when i'm in this foul mood, i have a tendency to lash out. my antisocial behavior is for your protection! i'm not on aim because you wouldn't like what i'd say!

for those of you who had your doubts, i have photographic proof that kevin kayne is working at srm as a part-time freelancer! kk in the house!

i finally have some more photos of my venus flytrap. i discovered that the one trap that appears to be eating is actually not the one that had the dead fruit fly from a week ago. that one still had the dead fly in its open jaws. i wonder what's going on in the trap that's closed? the fact that it hasn't rotten yet like the last time i tried feeding it i take to be a very good sign that it's really digesting.

because of the bagel and orange juice i had earlier during the day, i wasn't particularly hungry when it came to lunch time. since i didn't get the office lunch (since i almost never get the office lunch), i had some free time so i took a little walk to the charles river where i sat on a park bench by myself, completely underdressed and freezing my ass off in the windy cold 50 degrees temperature. i was on the cellphone with mark hickey, whom i was talking to when i walked over there. i am totally that obnoxious guy walking and talking on the cell phone! funny how a cell phone can make all semblances of etiquette go right out the window? with a slight case of cold weather sniffles, i wrote a little bit into my journal, the only thing i could confide in because i couldn't really talk to anyone at work about how i was feeling. with that done, i took some photos to preserve the moment and then went back to the office, thankful to be someplace warm.

by the end of the day that packet of 40+ odd bugs dwindled down to just 15 items. i made some real serious progress today and am in a good position to close it out tomorrow, just in time for the gold candidate delivery. i've had so many deliveries, it's hard to keep track of them all! just bear in mind that the project will soon be over, in a few more weeks. one day i can look back on all this and laugh!

i rediscovered my good mood after work, when i left with elias to meet up with a bunch of mostly former screen house workers at shay's in harvard square. david and julie were already there waiting. joel was the next to arrive, followed by jared. kimberly, back in boston for the week (to visit her bf and her cat) from new york city joined us too, then chris and roy, roy having just came back from a two week vacation down in florida. klea was the last person to arrive (fashionably late as always). the most animated topic of conversation revolved around that new nbc reality show fear factor. julie couldn't get enough of people eating pig rectums, and neither could anybody else who's seen the show. jared cut his hair but didn't want to show anybody his new short haircut. kimberly also told us that with our fleet banking card, we can get free admissions to all sorts of museums during the month of may! sweet!

elias & joel




julie & kimberly
"pig rectums"

kimberly & klea
"bull testicles"

chris & roy

approaching 10pm everybody left, many to go home and catch the second to last season finale of ER. even i got swept up in the hysteria, having caught an NBC today's katie couric interview with anthony edwards about the death of doctor greene, his ER character. who else refers to anthony edwards as goose from top gun? cause i know i do. although without a doubt, in my mind, his best role was that of jonathan, in the 1985 movie gotcha!, also starring a yet-to-be-famous linda fiorentino as sasha, an east german spy who enjoys deflowering virgins. "gotcha! gotcha where i want ya, too late, too late to turn back now!" vintage 80's movie at its finest! anyway, when i got home i watched ER, and i almost cried at the end (doctor greene succumbs to cancer in hawaii), but i've been getting more emotional the older i get. hormones.