i picked up a bouquet of birthday irises for carrie before getting to work this morning. i left the flowers by carrie's desk but not before noticing rebecca's red capri pants. nice! me like!

first order of business today was trying to salvage that lost firewire hard drive. my personal home brought copy of norton utilities v6 couldn't see the drive at all and that was my last hope. so i accepted the inevitable, that the data on the drive was lost for good, and time to start writing installer scripts from scratch.

i found out the company let james go today. for those who don't know, james was one of the designers at srm, one of the original founding members. it actually happened last friday but i didn't find out about it until today, when i walked by his office by the bathroom and noticed it was completely empty. at first i didn't believe what i saw, thinking maybe he moved back downstairs. but after asking around, i found out what happened. james is the "heart and soul" of the company, as poignantly remarked by john miller when i told him the bad news. i couldn't agree more. if anyone embodied the spirit of what srm use to be, it was james. funny, talented, friendly, and collected toys. a lot of really good people have passed through this company, but i was hoping james would be a permanent fixture. alas, all good things must come to an end i suppose. i'm going to miss him.

i didn't eat all day. all i had was a carton of juice, a packet of cinammon gum, and some leftover ice tea from yesterday. since i've started on this project a year ago, i've lost 10 lbs. whether that's job related or more to do with all the running i've been doing, i can't say, but i definitely think work is a factor. i hate getting the office lunch because you're required to work through lunch if you sign up for it, and as much as i like free meals (even though it's always from the same place), i value my independence, my free time even more. my stomach was growling loudly all day long, the forces of digestion angry that i wasn't feeding. i started to get a little light-headed towards the end of the day, but thank god there was a little birthday celebration for carrie at 4pm, the pieces of chocolate cake eliza baked for her was the only food i had all day.

the delivery that was suppose to go out yesterday finally went out tonight, sputtering a little bit, a critical last minute bug discovered that was too late to fix but the delivery still went out anyway. just think, another delivery tomorrow. and another one friday. fast and furious. looks like daddy needs more venti chai latte tomorrow morning.

i left work with my eyes unable to focus properly again, but for some reason i was pretty happy. if nothing else, at least the day went by quickly. maybe i was just glad to be leaving.