this morning i missed my exit on the wake up expressway, having once again gone to bed last night close to 4am. i woke up at 8:20am, which is usually the time i leave my house. a friday with no meetings to make, i decided to take it easy and accept the fact that i'd be late for work. i didn't end up leaving the house until 8:45am. while walking to the bus stop, i called eliza to leave a message on her office voicemail asking her if she could tell todd i'd be late for work. i was surprised when eliza actually picked up the phone, and i ended up relaying my message directly. i had a carefree commute, no crowds, plenty of available seats, and got to the office at 9:30am, before todd had even arrived yet.

the venus flytrap that was eating the fruit fly i caught on wednesday opened up today. i can't be sure whether it digested any of the fly though, there are no evidence pointing one way or another. at least it didn't rot the plant like the last fly i tried to feed it. i really have to try live food, to be absolutely sure. i got an idea where i'd catch a flying insect in a container, throw it into the freezer to slow it down, and then feed it to one of the gaping jaws. this weekend i'm going to have to go back to the office to retrieve my plant and bring it home to a more nurturing environment.

another friday, another delivery. todd left work early for montreal, eliza left work early for maine, and i left at 5pm for home. before leaving, todd asked me to work this weekend, and i said i would only do it if i could be reimbursed in personal time for every weekend hour i'd work. i wasn't asking for overtime pay. i wasn't asking for lunch or dinner. he informed me that management probably wouldn't go for it, that the most i could hope for would be a reduced payback in that precious commodity of time. so i said i'd work this weekend but from home, and i didn't want any comp time. todd was confused about my too good to be true offer. in my mind it made total sense. if i have to jump through hoops in order to get reimbursed for my lost weekends and nights, if there's paperwork to file, if it involves some sort of formula to figure out how much hours i've earned, if lawbooks are pulled out, then i don't want that. too good to be true? you keep that in mind.

i caught the bus back to belmont with my next door neighbor, a married chinese woman whom i see occasionally but never really had a conversation with before. i'm like that with all my neighbors. i wave to them and say hi, but i don't really know them, never really talk to them. anyway, i sat next to her on the bus and we chatted. she heard from my father that i bought a place, so we talked a bit about buying a home. then we started talking about the economy and jobs. it's funny, i still don't know her name.

i came home to some hot pot dinner with my parents. we had that numbingly hot variety (i can only eat that kind now, i will never go back to regular hot pot ever again), and i'm still feeling the effects in my stomach, hours later. i'll need the whole weekend to work this off.

after dinner i watched game 5 of the celtics/76ers playoff game. i'm not superstitious, but ever since the celtics lost game 4, i can't help shake the feeling that maybe some how it's my fault. i've jinxed the celtics because i did something, said something. i'm not superstitious, but that's how i felt. tonight, i wasn't going to repeat those mistakes even though i wouldn't know what they were even if i saw them. i think my trash talking (in front of the tv) really helps the celtics to win though, so i screamed so much tonight that i probably lost my voice. it was a great game, the celtics lead throughout the 48 minutes. the 76ers hung in there, and i think a lot of people thought the 76ers would probably win it because they're the conference champions and the celtics are a young team with zero playoff experience. but in th fourth quarter the celtics tore away from the 76ers. with a sizeable lead, the celtics started raining down the 3's, which sealed philadelphia's fate. it seemed like for the entire last quarter the celtics only made 3 point shots. it was intense, and the crazy part was most of them went in! if you're a celtics fan, it's a great feeling, a playoff victory under our belt. now, it's time for the detriot pistons!