so this was april. first, the single most important thing that's currently happening in my life, my home buying adventure. the first day of april i went to the home inspection. i signed the purchase & sales agreement, and over the past few weeks met and talked with various mortgage brokers hungry for my business. eventually, by the end of the month, i qualified for my first mortgage. let the 30 year debt begin!

workwise, i entered the fun phase of my project. and when i say fun, that's obviously a euphemism for something else. more fun! you got it! klea joined the team as a gun-for-hire tester, former office podmates reunited, although we're still starcrossed, she lives downstairs while i live upstairs.

i finally got a cellphone, after spending a long time cursing cellphone users. overnight, as soon as i received my cellphone, i was a new convert. how could i have ever lived with it? i felt so connected to the world. it was my turn to be welcomed into the 21st century, instead of welcoming others. suddenly, cellphone users don't seem so bad, although i still feel residual shame everytime i use my phone in public.

the month of april was all about flowers. sunday afternoon apartment gardening with laurie, a visit to the mt.auburn cemtery, documenting the flowers in my own backyard. this month was also about carnivorous plants, chronicling the development of my office venus flytrap.

errata: my nikon coolpix 950 came back fixed from the factory but broke again a few weeks later. celtics made it to the playoffs, using the 76ers as a spanking toy. i met some fellow bloggers and grew increasingly paranoid, knowing that my actions could be documented by some other misguided weblog writer.

and i did some running. with a whole bunch of different people. eliza, julie, carrie, amanda, alex. who's a running whore? do-re-mi.




it's hard coming up with two hours worth of worthy music to copy over onto my mp3 player. so here is my most current list, one hour only, of what i've been listening to. a lot of songs culled from the bbq boogie internet radio station.

i want you to say when you see this list, "how can he listen to this and that?" i'll tell you how, because i have eclectic tastes and i won't be pigeonholed listening to one genre of music over another! i'm no music snob.

aaliyah - down with the clique
beats international - dub be good to me
cure - boys don't cry
divinyl - love is the drug
mary lou lord - speeding motorcycle
mc lyte featuring missy elliot - cold rock a party
missy elliot featuring ludacris & jay z - one minute man
nwa - express yourself
pharcyde - fish in the sea
princess superstar - bad babysitter
ray charles - i can't stop loving you
white stripes - you're pretty good looking (for a girl)
wu-tan clan - gravel pit
xtc - peter pumpkinhead

my eyes still can't focus. staring at the computer screen for 9 hours, my eyesight is completely destroyed. i need to crawl into bed, close my eyes, and go to sleep.

for lunch i went with amanda to harvard square to buy our mbta passes for next month. i also went to the cvs to pick up a prescription i had filled out last night, some hypertension drug. outside i bumped into jared, and while i was introducing amanda to him, i totally blanked out on his name. this will probably be my most embarassing moment of the week. jared, i am so sorry! i will write your name a thousand times and look at a photo of you to memorize your name so this will never happen again! please forgive me, i am senile! anyway, at cvs, there was some mix-up, the pharmacy never filled the prescription, something about it being expired, something about me having to call my doctor to renew the prescription, like some magazine subscription. i guess those pharmacists aren't worried that i might have an aneurysm outside the building and collapse half-dead, blocking the entrance to the store. probably realizing this very likely scenario, the woman behind the counter filled out my drug anyway. amanda and i then went to sabra for lunch, a middle eastern sandwich shop. i defaulted to something with lamb, amanda went with something vegetarian.

and besides ruining my eyes, today at work i felt like i got shot out of a cannon, pieces of me everywhere. are human beings really designed for multitasking, i ask you? ah, what a dream it'd be to do one thing at a time. as soon as my eyes clear up, as soon as my heart stops pacing, as soon as sweet unconsciousness washes over me.