okay, after consulting with the online carnivorous plant faq, i now realize that the black bruise on my venus fly trap is not a good thing, that just as i originally suspected, it's a clear sign of rot. apparently it doesn't like to eat anything too big that parts of the insect sticks out. the actual act of digesting is quite complicated and certain conditions have to be met before the plant will actually eat. i'm going to wait until the blackness spreads a little bit more before cutting it off. so far, still no success in getting my venus fly trap to eat.

another friday, another delivery deadline. last night 14 hours of work, tonight, a mere 11 hours. certainly nothing compared to the long hours pulled by the people on that other project, but i've been on this project for a year now, and there's been stretches of time where i've had to work 60-80-100 hours a week. just thinking about it makes me wince, like remembering some traumatic past torture. there once was a time when i was a beautiful prince who worked only 40 hours a week and had a life outside of work. now, thanks to the bad economy and fears of job security, i've become an ugly old troll who works obscene hours for very little pay. life is funny like that. laughing about it makes the hurt go away.

i missed an opportunity to go running with eliza jones after work, because i had no after work to speak of (after work was until i could burn a clean batch of gold master candidates, and who knew when that'd be). i kept on asking for more time before i could go get ready, until finally there wasn't any time left and i told eliza to just go without me. today was cold and windy, so i'm glad i stayed indoors instead, but at the same time, some fresh air running might've done me some good as well. tomorrow looks like a pretty good day though. if i have nothing better to do, i might take the motorcycle into work and then run the charles river for 3 miles.

i finally left the office at 8pm. an uneventful ride home ensued, just the way i like them. when i left the office yesterday, i was on the t with a bunch of celtics fans going home after the game. a lot of people wearing celtics jerseys, a lot of greens. apparently they were also got free celtics pompoms because i saw a lot of people were carrying them. on the bus ride home tonight i sat at the very back dead center, next to a man wearing camouflage pants and a woman reading a paperback book. walking home, my path was illuminated by a bright full moon overhead.

welcome lost weekend.