what did you have for lunch? half a leftover salami and provolone sandwich from yesterday. i'm going to do everything i can to save this company some money. if it means eating crusty leftovers, then that's what i'm going to eat.

did you go running today? no, it was rainy, it was cold. besides, eliza didn't want to go, so i quickly lost my desire to go as well. i did briefly think about going solo, but i didn't want to get sick with another full day of work tomorrow. nevertheless, i went out for about an hour after work to just walk around in the freezing rain, to get away from the office a little bit. i ended up walking to the midway point of the longfellow bridge, took some photos with the sky thundering and my little inverted umbrella, behind me bumper to bumper traffic. i came back totally soaked.

how's your venus fly trap doing? the cancer is getting worse! it's pretty gross looking, this expanding bruise. fortunately there's no disgusting rotting smell, even though it looks like there should be. i did gave my plant a thorough watering today underneath the kitchen sink, i was thinking maybe it was the lack of water that was causing this mysterious bruising. the other fly traps seem to be flourishing though, so maybe it really is eating that fly. perhaps i need to transplant the plant to a bigger pot with fresh peat moss. and maybe it needs to feed another. please forgive me, but i think i have to kill again. to feed my plant.

how many hours did you work today? i was in the office from 9am this morning to 11pm at night. don't ask me to get technical and timesheet out exactly when i was working and when i wasn't. yeah, i went to the bathroom a few times. i yeah, i printed some stuff out and had to walk across the office to pick up my printouts. what is this, an audit? all i know is today was more working hard than hardly working. when i left work at 11pm, there were still people working (none from my project), sam, matthew, rebecca, alex. sam was working quietly by himself, but the other three seemed a little loopy, that kind of almost drunken state when you stay up past your bedtime. i bid them farewell and walked out in the freezing wet darkness, the rain continuing to fall, now in the form of sleet.

what're the tricks to sustaining a 14 hour work day? after some internal debating, i arrived at kendall station and made a beeline to starbucks, where i got the $3.40 venti chai latte. large warm cup in my hand, i headed towards the direction of the office where i bumped into eliza crossing the street. due to some scheduling conflicts, we had our normally wednesday company meeting (which use to be on mondays) today (thursday), and it'd also be downstairs. the meeting ran longer than usual, and after 1.5 hours i had already downed all of my beverage. so by 10:30am this morning i was jacked, i couldn't sit or stand still, everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. and it is in this caffeinated state that i started debugging my code.

i also figured out yesterday that listening to hip hop and r&b music is very conducive to my productivity. i'm the type of guy who needs absolute quiet in order to concentrate and focus (at least when it comes to working). previously i was on serious 80's music binge, but that just got too distracting. then i discovered the bbq boogie internet radio station, and i've been listening to it all this week. for some reason it doesn't distract me at all, seems to blend seamlessly into my work flow. and every so often i hear a good tune and i immediately jump onto my pc and download it via audiogalaxy for future listening.

i listened to the celtics game tonight while i was working. i had a walkman at work (leftover from last year, when i'd be listening to red sox games while working late nights and weekends), finally got it positioned just right (on my chair faced down in a east-west orientation) so i could pick up AM 1510, the celtics radio station. celtics won the game, now they're 2-0 versus the 76ers, i was quietly pumping my fist at my desk.

and what did you have for dinner? todd and i were the only two team member left at work. we got takeout from spice, some local thai restaurant. i had the crispy pad thai with a side order of tom yum soup. the soup was good but i like it better served hot in a bowl instead of a plastic container. the pad thai was very yummy, slices of shrimps and chicken. i could only eat half, putting the other half away for tomorrow so i can help the company save money, so they don't have to buy me the office lunch (although to be honest, the company did pay for my dinner tonight).