the thing you hear about this movie is that its sexy. and right away, the first scene you see when the movie starts is one of the main character making love to his girlfriend who's leaving to go to europe. and not that conservative under-the-sheets kind of american movie sex, but rather the on-top-of-the-covers foreign movie sex, all naked asses and thrusting and grunting and sweating. so yeah, you could say it's kind of a sexy movie.

it's essentially a coming of age film, both literally and figuratively, about two sex crazed teenage friends who invite an attractive married woman to come with them on a car trip to this magical beach the two boys made up as a ploy to get the woman to go. this mexican movie is shot in a very unique style, every so often the audio track goes silent while a narrator decribes either some internal dialogue, some background information, or on many occasions, something completely unrelated to the plot but sort of paints a picture of the world these people live in.

don't get me wrong, this is not just a sex movie. there is a poignant story here, about the relationship between two friends when a woman is thrown into the mix, a woman who has complex issues of her own. feelings of jealousy, betrayal, lust, and simply the desire to enjoy oneself at the prime of one's life, they're all in the movie.

another thing i really liked about the movie is the cinematography and the color of the film. it's a sensual color palette, i could really feel mexico, hot and dry during the days, moody and lazy at nights. the movie paints a beautiful picture of mexico, yet doesn't shy away from many of the less attractive aspects of the country, like the poverty or security checkpoints. despite it all, after seeing this film, i find myself liking mexico a little bit more and would love to revisit our southern neighbor again in the near future.

potential spoiler: okay, the lesson to be learned here is if you're going to get yourself into a threeway, if you're a dude, make sure it's with two girls.

if you're not fazed by frank sexuality (and a bonus if that sort of thing turns you on) and you like a smart coming of age story, you owe it to yourself to see y tu mama tambien. it'll make you laugh, it might make you cry, and perhaps even get you aroused a little bit. just blame it on that mexican heat.

i noticed today that my one venus fly trap with the dead fly in it is sort of rotting. is this part of the digestion process? it had this dark bruise on the side that grew larger as the day wore on. is this natural? i've been trying to figure out how exactly it eats the fly. obviously some sort of plant enzyme to break down the proteins, but up until now, things looked very quiet. i figured it'd eat the fly give or take a week or so, then open back up for business. maybe these fly traps are one time use, they only live until they feed, then they die after their first and last meal. one of the new fly traps opened up finally. you can tell it's immature because the teeth are still small. they'll grow longer over time, adding some more menace to the plant. i haven't watered the thing since last friday, and it seems to be doing pretty well, the peat moss that it's growing on is still moist. these things remind me so much of toothbrushes for some reason. owning a venus fly trap plant also gives me a new perspective every time i see a fly buzzing around the room. now instead of shooing the fly away, all i want to is to club it with a rolled up tube of paper, not enough to kill it but just enough to stun it, and feed it to my plant. no dead insects please, it's so finicky, it only likes live insects. i swear, sometimes i think i'm going to spoil that venus fly trap of mine, and it's going to grow up all tenacious and unruly.

during my nearly 9 hours of work today, i of course once again had the office lunch, used my cellphone outside the building (for some privacy, although the mysterious buzzing generator sound coming from the brown at&t steel monolith made it hard to hear) to my cambridgeport savings bank mortgage lender who hasn't called me in a few days because i found out today that she went on vacation, and i attended a 2+ hours bug database meeting. i was mr.serious at the meeting, no nonsense give me the facts ma'am kind of guy. i just wasn't in the mood to be the clown of the meeting. i checked my sense of humor at the door. after the meeting i was so exhausted, felt like somebody numbed my brain.

after work at 6pm i meet julie lepage along the charles river for some running. before we started, she took out a handful of chocolate from her jacket pocket, since i was telling her i wanted to eat candy right before i run, like what she did last week that gave her the cramps. completely unorthodoxed, while we ran i was popping these chocolates into my mouth one after the other. and wouldn't you know it, before we got to the mass ave bridge, i started to feel some cramping. but not like i haven't felt it before, i just kept on running and eventually the sensation wore off. i have overcomed the cramps! we did three miles, ran across the longfellow and down the side of the bridge to the place where we started from. when we got to the end of binney street we parted ways. it was then i sprinted the 6 blocks back to the office. oh my god it felt so good! by the time i got there i was completely exhausted and out of breath, but it's a quicker rush, a faster endorphin high. why spend 30 minutes running to get the same feeling that you can get by sprinting a few hundred yards? i'm going to try to work in some sprints into my run. just thinking about it makes my heart tickle.

i was in a big rush to get to the office (otherwise i would've just walked it i think) because i had to get to the kendall cinema at 7pm to catch y tu mama tambien with joel and dan, who were already waiting for me there, saving me a seat in the theatre. i came into the office, quickly changed into my civilian clothes in the bathroom, ran to the theatre in my winter coat with my heavy bag fluttering in one hand, and bought my ticket, sweat still dripping from my face. i went inside to find joel and dan already there, staring blankly at the empty screen. i love it when everything goes according to plan. joel and i traded seats and two women behind us were groaning, because they thought they wouldn't be able to see over joel. not to worry though, he scrunched down so they could have a better view. there was a really hot latina woman sitting in the row in front of us with her boyfriend. she had on the sexiest pair of shoes i've seen in a long time, all sharp and strappy and totally nonsensible. she had them inconsiderately propped up on the empty seat in front of her, i couldn't help but to notice.

after the movie, we parted ways, dan and i walking to kendall square, me going outbound, dan going inbound. on the train i stood, which drew some curious looks because there were plenty of seats to go around. i just prefer to stand because harvard square is just two stops away, easier for me to be standing by the door and quickly slip out when we arrive there. i got to harvard square just in time to catch te 73 bus coming into the station. when i got off the bus in belmont, i noticed the sky was particularly clear tonight. if i wasn't so tired already, i'd probably haul out the telescope outside and spend an hour or two under the celestial canopy, reacquainting myself with the stars.

one strike you're out catholic church pedophile policy? okay, so what happens to the victim? hey, we're sorry you got molested but rest assured that the priest who molested you is no longer working for us! even though i don't believe in that stuff (religion stuff that is), how about excommunicationing the priest, how about the guarantee of eternal damnation in hell? what's worst than child molestation? incest? cannibalism? bestiality?

and this is total crap, i'm watching channel 7 news, which is all sensational headlines and round the clock source of bad news, and they have a story about how your shopping mall could be a potential threat for <gasp!> terrorists! they even had an ominous shot as seen through a shopping cart, like a terrorist device eye view. can't we have a news channel that broadcasts nothing but good news? kitten saved from a tree, lost child reunited with family, senseless acts of kindness? i'd pay good money to subscribe to that channel.