i woke up around noon and drove to dan's place to watch the 76ers versus celtics game. before the game started we drove down to wings express to get some wings, because sports and wings go hand in hand. we got a medium serving (12-14 pieces) of medium flavored wings and another medium serving of hot wings. after 15 minutes our order was ready and we went back to the apartment.

the first game of the playoff, it was closely matched in the beginning. allen iverson (a.i) was on fire, but the celtics were able to keep close. dan was rooting for the 76ers, i was rooting for the celtics. as the game progressed though, the celtics got ahead and started to pull away. everyone on the celtics team contributed, #34 p.p. (paul pierce), 'twon (antoine walker), battie, kenny, r.r. (rodney rogers), and walter (and his amazing end of the first half 3 pointer). it's been a long time coming. the celtics haven't been to the playoffs in a long time, not since i seriously started following basketball after college 6 years ago. not only did they make it to the playoffs this year, but their performance in their first playoff game shows that they have a lot of poise and power, definitely makes me believe they can go far this post season. we watched the game, ate our wings, drank our pepsi, and occasionally peppered the afternoon with colorful language.

before victory...

after victory!

who's your daddy?!

it goes without saying that the celtics won the game today, they lead the series 1-0 now (best out of 5). next game is thursday night, another home game. if the celtics win again, they'll be in good position to put away the 76ers come next sunday, game 3.

back home, i took another survey of the latest going-ons in my backyard. a whole new batch of flowers have sprung up, the lawn littered with ground ivy, purple violets, and dandelions. oh, dandelions! remind me to come home early one day next week so i can weed out all these dandelions before they become seedheads. i noticed the area underneath the maple tree has been completely taken over by white violets. there was a time when there was nothing but purple violets in the backyard, but one day many years ago i saw a small patch of white violets growing on my next door neighbor's sidewalk grass, and in the middle of the night i went out with a spade and stole the plant, transplanted it to my own backyard. for many years after, there was but that one patch of white violets in my backyard, but then it slowly started to spread, until now, there is a whole community of these flowers.

ground ivy

purple violets


white flowers

cherry blossoms

apple blossoms